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allgo celebrates and nurtures our vibrant queer people of color communities here in Texas and beyond through our cultural arts, wellness, and social justice programming.

The screen behind Wyatt and Von Lawson started showing photos of the different businesses in Lincolnville, with Photoshopped drag queens and Gay Pride Rainbow flags and shirtless guys holding hands in front of them.But heck, if you're 11 or 12, you already know that life isn't always tidy. In Chapter Sixteen, Wyatt's parents feel the heat for Wyatt's outing Lincoln - a lawsuit from the Mayor for lost business revenue, and the threat of Wyatt's mom losing her job... But then, Wyatt's invited to appear on a popular T. They race to downtown Portland to make it to the T. ” With a satisfied expression, Von Lawson shook his head from side to side. To read about why I'm serializing my entire YA novel for free on this blog, click here. Phineas got a spear, went into their tent – where the couple was getting busy – and ran them through. Wyatt’s mom straightened his thin black tie, something his dad had from college, and pulled at the sleeves of the gray dress shirt Wyatt had gotten for his Great-Aunt Freida’s funeral last summer, like that was going to make it fit. The lights were really bright, and the makeup ‘so you won’t be shiny’ made his face feel tight, but he was pretty pumped up.“Destroy the memory of the greatest President the United States of America has ever had.” Von Lawson paused, making sure he had everyone’s attention. “Destroy the proud legacy of Abraham Lincoln.” Von Lawson turned to the audience. He started a blog, an innocent enough thing, to do a book report on President Lincoln. Which means that something less than zero percent of people actually believe our President Lincoln, founder of our Republican Party, was a limp-wristed fairy.” Sitting there, Wyatt knew he had to say something, but Von Lawson wasn’t about to stop…And evidently, you can get your nothing’s-too-sacred-to-be-gay-for-us education at Lincolnville’s very own public High School.You want to know what’s wrong with our country today, Real America?

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Von Lawson said, “How about, after getting your queer history at their Lincoln-Was-A-Sexual-Deviant B and B, you get your homosexual Civil War photo taken at Woo’s Historic Photo Shop?

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