Psychology of the investor.

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Let’s, and give you: the mayor is good, whirlwind, overall and re-emptive you»

(c) Luke Gospel

Oddly enough, such a simple and good deed as charity does not have an unequivocally positive attitude towards our country. Probably, in many ways because «charity» (now specially took it in quotes) a very multifaceted phenomenon and some of its manifestations were so strongly mutated that the noble original in them and not identify.

If that — in the article I want to talk about

To begin with, we will have to deal with two questions:

What is real charity?

And what’s the investor in general?

Well, with the first question, it seems to me, everything is more or less clear: real charity, in my opinion,

But when

What is a scientific approach? Primitively speaking — this is when we all want to explain from a scientific point of view. All want to «touch». And what can we «touch», as it may not exist. But here is the snag — our opportunities «touch», our science — it is imperfect in itself. She is not everything capable of «touch». For example, only a few hundred years ago, the magnetic field «touch» and it was impossible to measure. And at that time, the man who argued that there is a magnetic field could be raised to laugh at the then «scientists», which «twice two», relying on the last achievements of the then science, would prove to him — cannot be invisible forces attracting iron. For this is anti-academy! And the fact that you show us here are some tricks.

So I give up to me that there are still many such «laws» in the world of interest, which, non-science, so far, affect the person. And one of these laws is that people now sometimes call the «Boomeranga law».

For no accident, all the greatest wise men from antiquity to this day instruct their followers to help those who need and share with the poor. At the same time, it is mistaken to think that this is exclusively concern about the most needy and beggars — as life shows, it is people who distribute good and doing good deeds that are ultimately «beneficiaries» of this cycle of good.

I think here most likely there is an absolutely scientifically based mechanism and someday scientists will be able to explain it to us very clearly so that even skeptically grinned now, when reading this article, people believed in this system.

Sometimes an understanding of such a mechanism is very close to the surface. For some time ago, my friend was in a terrible depression. Clinical depression — in the sense he was not «just slightly sad» — it was a completely serious medical diagnosis that diligently treated doctors. And nothing specially saved him. He sat apathe at home, did not do anything — and even watching films or playing forces and energy he did not have. But his grandmother got sick. And he began little by little, through force, help her around the house, wearing her products, etc. And here then depressed him a little retreated.

And this is not some random. Modern psychology knows this effect perfectly. Becoming a benefactor (albeit for the native grandmother) my friend moved from the «weak» role in «strong» — and the psyche switched to a completely different format of work. Quite a scientific explanation.

But what would say, looking at this story three hundred years ago, not familiar with the terms of modern psychology, monks? They would say that «on the brother onufria, the demon was disheveled. But Brother Onufry, putting over the obedience to the alex of the sick of the old man, redeemed the sins and the devil was expected and the brother of Onufriy was rejoiced. «

After reading such a chronicles, you would exclaim — «what for nonsense» — and suddenly it turns out that this is quite consistent with the achievements of modern psychology, only the terminologically outlined is not necessarious)))


Even such a dubious (in my opinion) authority as Robert Kiyosaki will give a mass)) And he also has an idea in his books that it is necessary to deal with charity and that it leads to the improvement of your «karma» passes with a red thread.

Of course, in the real life of the «Boomeranga law» with such a murderous straightness, it is usually not working. Although … I personally have, for some reason, the «boomerang» works very directly and linearly. That is, it is so straightforward that it is even difficult to doubt — it is it that is it — retribution or reward.

It is considered incorrect to tell about his charity, so I would not have to give examples, however, making only unfounded statements in the article that «the universe always very generously rewarded to me for every good deed,» I’m afraid I will not work out to be reached to the reader. Therefore, one example from life I will still give.

In March 2020 (not so long ago, it was quite fresh in memory), they were stubborn at home. Pandemic raged, markets fell. By that time, I did not work and planned to live at the expense of private practice and bond package.

Well, trouble, as you know, does not come alone. All began to collapse immediately: customers one after another began to fall off in Anabiosis, and the bond package asked for 2 million out of 16. In general, the financial sensations were so-so. I understand that compared with the average Russian, it was like an old joke «Life gave a crack — two suitcase left for money,» but I was not very funny and quite nervously.

And right at this moment I have several acquaintances with whom I communicated, found myself in truly sad financial circumstances. One thing was literally nothing to eat, another financial crisis took less melodramatic character, but was also obvious. The most interesting thing is that they did not even ask me money. I just sent them them. And I myself sold the bonds and bought for all the money exactly the shares of Yandex, who after that grown strongly)) I do not know if there is some kind of connection here. It seems to me that there is. It is simply a modern science yet can be explained, so it dismisses it.

I do not want to say that you can, as a calculating businessman, making good, immediately hope for «exhaust» or profit)) But still, ready to guarantee, the world is arranged so that «no good deed remains unpunished»))

As you can see — we gradually returned to investors. And communicating between investments and charity. She really is. Sometimes we can not notice her immediately, but I see that the financial guru mentioned by me always helps others and always fulfills his promises (for which I, for example, call him in a narrow circle «Holy Man» — because I really did not see more checkety Related to his promises of a person among major Russian entrepreneurs).

And you know what? He is a healthy, happy and cheerful man who love everything, including hired workers — what is certainly not often found))

I do not want to give reverse examples, but you can believe me — among my customers and former tenants, a large number of people who could serve as an illustration of the saying «Happiness can not buy any money.» People were very rich and very unhappy. Perhaps precisely because they forgot about good deeds that you need to make your wealth to come to you and your descendants.

Let’s not repeat their mistakes and will begin to engage in charity right now — it seems, without it, it is not