Psychology of the investor.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«You can choose a swallowed offense.»

(c) Irwin Yal

Recently pulls me on unexpected topics. That suddenly I start to diversify to popularize, in an excessive tendency to which was never seen before. Now, if you judge by the title — and at all in heresy, I led to the speculators to verbat))

But you, dear investors readers, wait for the forks and torches — maybe not everything is so scary with me — I only about one plus at the speculator I want to write. Otherwise, I am still in the mill investors’ long-term stay. And understanding, what is so delightful «dark side of power» — it is also required. At least — to deal with the temptations and they will not succumb))

Never torment readers — if anyone wants to immediately find out the answer and not read the whole article — well, why should he suffer and overcome the «many beks»? ))

Yes, and the article is not a detective, so it’s not scary to immediately tell the very essence.

So immediately answer to the question in the title — for impatient.

Should a speculator act? Sees prey — grabs. And grabbing reflex — it immediately appears in the newborn, you can believe the father with experience))

A completely different situation in the investor.

The fact is that the concept of investments itself is psychologically unnatural for humans. Easy is one solid mockery over a healthy human psyche. Investing built on

Let’s stop in this important point in more detail.

Back in the sixties of the last century, a series of scientific experiments was held in Stanford under the leadership of Professor Walter Michel, who became a story under the general appetizing title «Marshthe Experiment».

In the most simplified form of the essence of the «Marshmallow Experiment» in the following: a small child (from 3.5 years to 5.5 years old) was left in the room without distracting factors with delicacy (usually — marshmallow). The child was allowed to immediately eat a treat. But offered to double the remuneration, in case he can not touch the delicacy for 15 minutes. It is noteworthy that the ability to not eat a delicacy immediately, but a little wait and get a double award, showed a minority of the subjects — less than one third.

by the way

Much more interesting further — distant — conclusions from this experiment.

Scientists continued to observe the children who participated in the experiment and watched them for more than 40 years. You will be surprised, but the children who were able to patiently wait for «deferred remuneration», were significantly more successful in life. They received higher scores in universities, less often became drug addicted, among them there was less than the percentage of obesity suffering from obesity, they often built a successful business and were more often successful in various fields.

Note. There is one bad reasoning on the topic of Stanford experiment. Not deprived of common sense — so I will give it here — although it violates the harness of my logical constructions)) So — they assure that it is quite possible that the most calm 15 minutes could suffer and not to choke the mooring simply children from more secured families for Which Mesfirka was less rare and desired delicacy. Accordingly, the further successful career of these guys is due to their «super patient», but good connections of their secured parents. The fact that they are less and greased and succumbed to addicts are already a consequence of their common successful life. These are the «counterlandists». From respect to readers, I bring them here, each reader himself has the right to draw conclusions, getting a complete picture.

It looks so that the ability to not succumb to the momentary temptation, but instead — patiently implement distant plans — this is one of the main abilities that make a success person.

For an adult, this is some kind of alloy of strategic thinking and willpower:

What does it give for an investor? Similarly, as in the case of the «Marshmallow Experiment». The investor has to constantly fight with its «natural» reaction and constantly postpone the remuneration.

The first time — when an investor, instead of spending money on a trip with friends on a party (or with girlfriends for shopping) — delivered money to the brokerage account.

Then — when I bought shares of a solid company with a decentive P / E coefficient, and did not jumped together with all the next High «rocket».

Then — when I did not sell my shares, after a small growth — for a couple of percent, because I wanted to fix profits and enjoy right now a sense of victory.

Then — when he did not sell his shares after a drawdown by 20%, and after all it was so scary and knees were shaking and wanted to climb and curl into the pose of the embryo.

And every time the investor won himself and did not go about his ordinary human instincts, he needed faith in a deferred reward. And many other personal qualities. Here, as you see, not to do with grabbing reflex))

However, this is the most deferred remuneration — this is a constant struggle with you. In the Stanford experiment, scientists describe the reaction of children to a fifteen-minute waiting opportunity to squeeze the zefir — it’s just torture, the most real! Children are spinning, do not find themselves and literally tear away from impatience — after all, insidious scientists put the subjects on the room without distracting factors — so that all attention focuses on the marshmallow.

It is not wonderful that not all children were able to keep up to the end. Not wonderful and that not everyone was then able to succeed in life. Life also makes overcome difficulties — and the ability to make yourself do something that does not bring pleasure right now, but will benefit in the strategic perspective — this is a huge evolutionary plus. Nothing guarantees, of course, but Stanford Scientists shows — it gives not small chances of prosperity. Perhaps even — chance to become