Psychology of the investor.

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«By forty years, a person should have their own home. Families, if a special warehouse person may not be, and the house is needed. «

(c) B. Akunin

Investor, if you figure it out — he is also a person too. And nothing human is alien to him. In the intervals between the scrupulous calculations of dividends and the fascinating reading of annual reports, the investor eats something, in something dresses and even lives somewhere.

This is where the investor lives today and talk today.

In the advanced layers of the blogger public, the idea is gaining power that one’s own housing is such atavism, like the tail, which is completely nor to face a decent person (nor to another body). An intelligent person, financially competent, he, they say, buy an apartment will not become — it is unprofitable, you understand.

And after all, the people’s beautiful numbers under these advanced thoughts brings, look at these numbers — pouring.


You have 7 million rubles. If you bought a one-room apartment in Moscow — quite the average at the current times, the apartment is not on the severity itself and not in the center, in a conditionally suitable for accommodation — you have about 35 thousand savings from these 7 million — for so much you What an apartment leased.

If the apartment is bought in a mortgage — the numbers become even more sad. The «savings» of yours is still the same 35 thousand per month, but now you also pay interest to the bank, that is, according to the result — the apartment will cost you more.

And investing the same 7 million in the securities market

This is such a set of financial arguments voiced by convinced lease supporters. They have a couple of non-financial trumps in the sleeve — they tell how it is convenient to be able to change the apartment at any time without losing mobility due to binding to your property.

Probably, I could find and purely financial arguments against this logic. Could tell that

But I will not now about financial arguments. We started from what? With the fact that the investor is also a person, and his attitude to what is happening not only by the «Excele» is measured.

The house is not about finance at all.

So I can not understand the situation with my conservatism at all when a person who has in principle the opportunity to purchase an apartment in his property lives in removable accommodation. Maybe in the West, where the culture of relations is a tenant-landlord developed by centuries it is still somehow ordered, I do not know. But we, judging by my experience and the experience of many of my acquaintances, it is in the pure form of «Circus with horses», where the owner of the apartment in the role of Karabas Barabas overshadows one joke after another.

So live all my life in removable accommodation — this is not wishing the enemy, especially for a family of a family, who wants a child a horizon to hang around where he himself decided, and not where the owner of the housing will be allowed, and the cat will not ask for anyone any permission) ))

In short — life in his own apartment is important for psychological peace.

… That’s how firmly and desperally, I would answer this question more recently …

And now I heard about what story and thought: the guy postponed money and invested in the stock market, created capital — about 10 million rubles. Guy a little in thirty. He is a middle manager, copied with young nails, which is called — more than 10 years. Now he thinks to be cooled, make a family, and, accordingly, wants to buy an apartment. For the purchase of an apartment will leave all the capital. To create a new capital — again slowing down from salaries and investing — it will be needed for another 10 years (

And so I thought about the psychological state of this guy for years to 45-50. In two cases — if he buys an apartment now — and if not buy. (Please note — I do not say about the financial position — but about the psychological state). Let’s try to imagine it.

If I bought an apartment —

If not bought an apartment

And the most interesting thing about psychological peace. Imagine that by the age of 45, this guy did not change anything — he remained with the same capital, even unable to increase it (in which it is difficult to believe, but — let’s say). And what do we see, for example, in the event of a loss of work, the same? As we remember, in a situation where the capital is spent on the apartment, the man consoled that he would not be expelled to the street.

In short, I suddenly thought that not everything was so unambiguously with my established and frozen «in concrete» a position about the investment of money «in concrete»))). That is, not that I agreed that you can make a family for removable apartments, until financial independence is achieved, but I realized that in this concept there is some grain.

In general, I notice the slack — the older I get, the less in the life of ready-made answers. In each situation, you can suddenly find an unexpected angle.

Well, how do you think, friends, do you need to maximize capital at any cost and give up your own home? Or all the same, as I hope and without such victims to become