Psychology of the investor.

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«For a ship that does not know which harbor in a hurry, no wind will not be passing»

(c) Seneca

There is such an old-old joke, which is whether a joke, or parable:

A teacher in philosophy brought a large glass jar to a lecture (let it be three-liter). I put it on everyone to review and asks students:

Bank empty?

They answer him chorus: «Yes.»

The teacher takes several large stones and fills them with a jar. Asks students.

Now the bank is complete?

Yes, now complete.

The teacher takes a handful of small pebbles and falls asleep in the bank — small pebbles fit in between large.

Well, now the bank is exactly complete?

Students respond — «Now it’s certain.»

A stock teacher takes more courages with sand and from it poured a completely complete jar. Appeals to students:

Now the bank is really complete?

Yes, now there is now a fully no place.

Satisfied with how he attracted all attention, the teacher dismisses morality from this perfusion:

Bank is your life. Large stones are really very important things in it — family health, children. Small stones are important things, but not so — work, money. And the sand is everything else. If you do not be able to start with the fact that highlight the place most important things — the sand will fill everything and important things will not find their place.

Note At this, some shy storytellers finish the story — but we have an adult audience — you will learn a full «director’s» version))

Here the student rose from the back and says — and then the bank is not quite complete! The teacher made an inadequate face, and a student with a beer jar in his hand, descended down and poured a beer in the bank with stones and sands standing on the table. Beer has absorbed in the sand.

The teacher, called at how his thoughtful perforant turns in front of his eyes to Fars says: If you, a young man, now do not output the right morality, I will put «two» on the exam. What did not confuse the student answered «how tightly your life was scored, there will always be a place for a jar of beer»))

Actually, we turn to the subject of today’s conversation, the concentration on the main thing. About very «big stones» — family, children and health — we will not, the blog is still about the «medium» stones — about money. Here is the «main thing» for the area of money and I would like to talk today.

We, people, there are a lot of illusions, which we have so much inherent, that we seem to be born with them and live. For example, in the depths of the soul, we believe in infinity of the time released. No, theoretically, we are still aware that a man is mortal, but nothing in our behavior gives out that we really guide such a thought.

After all, if we understood how short our century, we really would spend time on secondary nonsense, instead of every moment our short life, or clearly and consistently achieve our goals, or enjoy this very life from the soul. But we spend most of the time on some nonsense, which does not bring us any benefit or pleasure. It is funny and scary to think — a whole direction of mobile games has appeared, which is called Time Killer — the killer of time.

It’s unimaginable stupid if you think about a simple fact — a hundred years a little more than 36,500 days (spindle on leap years, is not so important for counting). Even if you had to live for another hundred years — you would have had only 36,500 days of life. Not very big digit. Have you have $ 36,500, without a chance to increase it — it would hardly be thoughtlessly tagged him right and left. I think you would bother every dollar.

But the point is not only in time — man’s mental strength is also not infinite. The same «bank», which was filled by the teacher in the parable — this is not only the time of your life, it is also a place in your soul, in your head.

And here I want to talk about one controversial phenomenon, in no way applying for the truth in the last instance — I’ll just tell you to what conclusions I came for myself. And each reader has the right to agree with them or reject them — all people are adults and smart.

Speaking about the «money» and about the «place in the head», for myself a long time ago clearly brought the principle — to work only on making money more. I know that there are reverse principles like «The dollar is saved — this is a dollar earned.» There is. For some, perhaps they are suitable. For me — no. Do not pass unnecessary — approx. But engage in concentrated savings, look for discounts, etc. — This is not the lesson I consider energy efficient for myself.

Moreover, this approach forms the focus of thinking, as it seems to me. If a person is looking for ways to save — it will be progressing in ways to save. If a person is looking for ways to earn — it progresses in the ways to earn. As in a computer role-playing game, the character develops the skills that he actively uses.

For example, I was asked if I would apply tax tricks at the end of last year and at the beginning of this (meant, firstly, the sale of shares for which there is a «paper» loss until the end of the year and their redemption — so that the «paper» loss became Accounting and lowered the taxable base, and secondly, non-payment of NDFLs through a broker now, in January, followed by the payment independently — the gain in the ability to work for some time for some time).

I answer — no, I will not. I do not dissuade anyone — everyone decides that he is suitable and how to live him. After all, I don’t even care about the budget of the Russian Federation, if you watch the thought carefully, I care about the psychological setting, about what the watches of reflections are dedicated and the gray cells are busy. My — occupied by earning. Taxes I will just pay. You can even say — stupidly pay. I may be easier than many Russians, I used to pay high taxes in the budget — I do not shock it))

I do not believe in miracles that one and the same person can do a whole day to tax planning, then on the same day — saving the home budget and discounts, and then on the same day the stock market is studying. When will he succeed all this, what does he have such an endless day? It will have to be like Hermione, to propagate himself, otherwise one day he does not have enough for him.

Just understand me correctly — I do not have anything against tax planning. If I had a different amount of capital and had a personal accountant, who did it — I would gladly enjoy the fruits of tax optimization. But while I am what is called «One Man Army», I should not be distracted by secondary tasks.