Preteen dating

Preteen dating

If Zep created the template for the music and antics of bands that followed, from Aerosmith through Mtley Cre and even to the drug-addled groupie-madness that was The Eagles then Grant, the original manager to put bands in charge of their own income, created his own legend of excess.

He is often called the fifth member of Led Zeppelin, and his legend is inseparable from theirs.

Bonham's death, choking on vomit after an alcohol binge, brought the band to a squalid halt in 1980. Now Plant, Page and John Paul Jones are to wheel the Zeppelin out again.

Once, in a Los Angeles bar, a woman looked at him and, apparently recognising him, smiled; he went over and punched her in the face.

And in 1977 he, Cole, Grant and a former London gangster called John Bindon were arrested in San Francisco after a security man was beaten unconscious and left in a pool of blood.

His 6ft 5in frame, mountainous physique and uncompromising nature was often enough to cow venue managers into handing over cash.

And woe betide anyone he spotted in the audience with a recording device (in Vancouver in 1971 he destroyed what he thought was a taping device only to discover it was sound-monitoring equipment installed by the local council).

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A $2m legal action ensued, and the night lives in Led Zep legend as "The Oakland Incident".

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