Prejudice against interracial dating

Prejudice against interracial dating

Deciding to enter an IRR doesn’t change prejudice in your heart.You will definitely bump up against and wrestle with your own stereotypes and racist mentalities throughout your relationship, but it takes more than a change in your relationship status to change your misperceptions and biases.God isn’t more pleased with me than others because I’m in an IRR.He is pleased by my pursuit of the kingdom, not by the color of my husband. Chill as a wife for a bit before becoming a mother to what I presume will be the most adorable, beautiful, precious children ever because they are Black and Korean?As a social psychologist, I’ve often wondered: Are these types of incidents aberrations?Or are they indicative of a persistent, underlying bias against interracial couples — something not captured by self-reported polls?Through the early 20th century, many Americans reacted to the idea of interracial marriage with revulsion.

Besides the fact that at that point, we were not even close to considering a future together, was I supposed to feel special that I was dating someone who was a different race than me?

This is tremendously dishonoring and harmful to relationships that are already difficult—as all relationships are!

What if, instead of either reducing or elevating, we enter in and listen?

Do my friends whose spouses are the same ethnicity not have as biblical of a marriage as those who are interracial?

We would obviously answer these questions with a big fat .

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Do I get a gold star for creating the possibility of bringing biracial children into the world?

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