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Unlike the posted balance, the available balance reflects any holds placed on your account, including the restrictions described in the Funds Availability Disclosure included with this Agreement. The owners of the account own the account in proportion to their net contributions to the account.

Your available balance may be more or less than the amount of your posted balance, but does not include any credit available under any Compass Bank Overdraft Protection Line of Credit you may have. Although many of our branch offices are open on Saturdays, for purposes of this Agreement, our business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. An account will be considered dormant if, for one year or more in the case of checking and NOW accounts (two years or more for an account maintained in Florida), or for two years or more in the case of savings and money market accounts (one year or more for an account maintained in Texas or California): no customer-initiated transaction activity has been conducted on the account, no correspondence regarding the account has been received by us, and no account owner has otherwise indicated an interest in the account. The bank may pay any sum in the account to an owner at any time. The owners of the account own the account in proportion to their net contributions to the account. Note: Joint Accounts will be presumed to be with right of survivorship unless we have agreed with you in writing that the account is owned in another capacity.

There are no third-party beneficiaries to this Agreement.

Spanish Language Preference: If you express a preference for Spanish as your preferred language for communication with us, we may not be able to accommodate this preference at all of our branches or in the case of any particular product and service.

If the total is 0,000 or less, one arbitrator will hear the dispute(s).

For more information about arbitration, contact the AAA (org or 1-800-778-7879) or JAMS ( 1-800- 352-5267).Other charges, fees, and similar amounts due to us, but not disclosed in this Agreement, may apply under other agreements you may have with us. A paper reproduction of an original check that (1) contains an image of the front and back of the original check; (2) bears a MICR line containing all the information appearing in the MICR line of the original check at the time the original check was converted to an electronic image; (3) conforms in paper stock, dimension and otherwise with industry standards; (4) includes a legend stating, “This is a legal copy of your check. For purposes of Section 3 only, these terms also include the directors, officers, and employees of Compass Bank and its affiliates. The account owner or, if the account is a multiple-party account, any and all account owners, and all authorized signers. If two or more beneficiaries survive, the sums on deposits belong to them in equal, undivided shares. On the death of the owner, ownership of the account passes as a part of the owner’s estate or in accordance with applicable law. Other rights that you or we would have in a court also may not be available in arbitration.You can use it the same way you would use the original check.”; and (5) is suitable for automated processing in the same manner as the original check. A deposit account in the name of one or more owners as trustee for one or more beneficiaries where the relationship is established by the form of the deposit account and there are no assets of the trust other than the sums on deposit in the deposit account. The type of account you select may determine how property passes on your death. Account Ownership Selection: Individual Account Without P. What Disputes Are Covered: Any dispute that arises from or relates to this Agreement, your Account and any transaction involving the Account or any service or product related to your Account will be settled by arbitration unless it is described below in “What Disputes Are Not Covered.” This means that disputes about the following are covered: It doesn’t matter whether the dispute is based on contract, fraud, tort, intentional tort, statute, regulation, constitution, common law, equity or otherwise.IF A DISPUTE ARISES BETWEEN US, YOU OR WE MAY REQUIRE THAT IT BE RESOLVED THROUGH ARBITRATION, RATHER THAN THROUGH JURY TRIAL.Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, our relationship with you will be that of debtor and creditor.

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This Agreement includes not only this document but also your signature card, the Consumer Products Terms and Conditions Booklet, your Relationship Summary Form and the Miscellaneous Fees and Charges Disclosure.

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