Portfolio for 60 million portfolio overview in the midst of the dividend season

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«In the neighbor garden grass Green»

(C) folk wisdom

They say, in the Kuban to the ground any stick of a sticky — an apple tree will grow up.

So now in the market — you can not take almost any kind of action — you will soon receive dividends. Beauty, and only. It is not necessary to wait long to wait for the results of your investments — just bought a share in the company — and the company is already in a hurry to share a profit with you.

But we will not be any shares in the portfolio to take?

We needed — only the best, only shares of large, solid companies.

Yes, and preferably inexpensive.

Yes, and so that today it is desirable not too expensive — but as soon as they buy — immediately to go to go to the beginning of omnious.

With such a number of requirements for the shares, something issues remained very little in my portfolio. Eight pieces. Given that there are still applicants for departure — no matter at all.

Graham taught that for normal diversification to the investor from 10 to 30 issuers in the portfolio is needed. But with diversification, I still remember myself — trouble. Interesting Nature does not give me a prudent to rush money on thirty issuers))

However, a dozen, then I will gain, such «social obligations» I take on myself and will try to fulfill them … well, at least over the next couple of years.

Okay, we turn to the specific.

Let’s look who out of the issuers survived everything in the portfolio — selection, vivisection and hostility «best with good».

In the first place settled

In a nutshell for a summary: I gained a position recently and expensive. Everyone must be personalized by trial and mistakes to reach the understanding of today and the role of the Sberbank in the Russian economy and in the long-term investor portfolio. Before me, I didn’t immediately come immediately, I repent.

Why believe in further growth and high dividends:

Record financial indicators who are consistently demonstrated by the collection (most likely — more than a trillion net profit will show this year)

50% of this stable and high profits. Sber gives dividends (this year it distributed more, by the way, trying to support his renome of excellent dividend paper)

The growth of the rates of the Central Bank (Sber will perform the beneficiary of this trend)

ecosystem (not this year will give results, of course)

For these reasons, he paid a huge share in the portfolio — more than 30%.


But all these global trends define only the industry, where you want to invest.

And why this is this company?

Rusagro is one of the largest agroholding in Russia. For a retail investor in Russia is available, in fact, two actually large agroholding — Rusagro and Cherkizovo.

The rest of the company or not public or significantly less large-scale.

Cherkizovo has a small free float and less diversification. For myself, I chose Rusagro.

The reasons for which we expect the growth of shares and high dividends:

Global trends (food is becoming more expensive worldwide. Compared to a more rejected copper, about the increase in the price of which you hear from each iron, pork carcasses on the Chicago Stock Exchange increased in price more from the beginning of the year)

Completion of the five-year stage of large caps in the company — Caps give cash flow

the effective work of the management of the company — not a single unprofitable year even in the most difficult periods

The company’s leading position in a number of food segments: vegetable oil, sugar, pork.


Big land bank (one of the largest in the country)

vertical integration of the holding (full provision of sugar factories with their own raw materials, almost complete provision of livestock complexes with feeds and TP)

Readiness for M & A transactions. At the approach, the absorption of the company Agro-Belogorier. After that, the absorption of Rusagro will be the manufacturer of pork number one in Russia. (At the same time, Rusagro is already a manufacturer of vegetable oil number one). It seems that Rusagro Ambition becomes the company Danish Korun or Danone. Why not?

For all the above reasons, I hold a huge share of Rusagro in the portfolio — about 30%.

Unlike a savage — I see one serious problem in the issuer. Very weak lobbyistic potential. Hence the risks of possible administrative pressure. Well, while the company has somehow coped with them, let’s hope that I can continue.


Pleasant average 1528.

Comfortable now for me the share in the portfolio is about 15%. A decent share in the portfolio is due to the respect for gold and silver, as well as fear of the uncontiginous seal of money, which is carried out by all countries in America headed.

The choice of specifically polymetal is due to its advantages in front of the pole in my opinion:

silver mining (this gives a significant diversification of the metal portfolio and winning from the «green energy» — on solar panels and electric vehicles need a lot of silver)

high compared to the dividend pole (at the same time Nesis wrote that it was a long-term strategy — it was divide, and not Baybeki. For my part, I can only welcome it. Although I reinvest dividends — I am pleased that the company leaves a choice for Me what to do with money.

growing financial indicators

I think it is not particularly adding to this.


When almost 12% of dividends in this year, 4.5% of dividends in this and the course increase in this year, it is difficult to compete with it. Despite the fact that all this is by investing in a blue chip, and not in the third echelon.


So it is completely brief:

Stable company. Actually, all electrical generation is stability

Normal dividends

Green energy — I hope, will shoot this trump card with time

Full state support

Prospects and recovery plans profit by 2025

With all that, I am now struggling with the temptation to sell RusHydro and to invest in Gazprom. At the month interval, 14 Gazprom looks more promising significantly. And the best — the enemy is good. So far be at your hands and the shore of the remnants of diversification in the portfolio))


Nevertheless, I will not bother to constant readers with the repetition of theses from the article of the whole month ago.

Globaltrans is a normal dividend chip from the logistics sector. Now the company is not in the best shape — so I purchased it quite successfully, as it seems to me. And just as with RusHydro I do not give myself to fix profits and invest in Gazprom. Here is still in us this national trait: mobilization syndrome. We love to act on the principle — «Everything for the front, everything for victory!»

Semi-dimensions Any and foreign word «diversification» does not find a response in our broad soul)))

Okay, I am distracted, I will continue on issuers.


It makes sense to fix minus on good (in principle) I do not see the company.

The reason for the fall in shares is clear: the synergistic effect of the fall of the profits due to the pandemic and then the disappointment of investors from low dividends (although I admires the optimism of people who, after 92% of the fall, the port was still awaited by good dividends)))

Both phenomena are temporary. The port stands on the spot. Pandemic sooner or later leaves. Profit will come back. Zhdems (c)


The company is profitable — $ 25 billion for the year of net profit (two of them, however, on a fine one). Profit is growing from the year. New types of business are developing — from payment systems to unmanned trucks.

China came up with China’s compature — the penalty of a two-billion dollar pounded, sprinkled with ashes, they reported that the fine would benefit them.

Now just wait for the fashion for the purchase of Alibaba will return — and then all the Chinese are friendly instead of shares went bitcoins to buy. Yes, and Americans, it seems, too)))

Well, here, as you can see, in the old man, insert in stock and I hope that this is without cryptocurrency will help become a real millionaire.