Portfolio for 40 million three popular errors of novice investors

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Day Seventh of November — Red Calendar Day.»

(c) S. Marshak.

Not well? Normally in principle. Sin complain.

Even up to a million loss for the day never reached.

Yes, and losses are paper.

That’s about the losses of me today and pulled out to talk. Well, that is, not quite about losses — about favorite mistakes of novice investors who are inevitable to these same losses.

Material wolves of the financial market, perhaps, let it be better to postpone this article aside, and do not spend their precious time. And the rest suggests — arrange more comfortable, as usual — let’s start in order.

Day, as you could see those who were bothering to look into the trading application today, today was not set. Who did not look into the app, he can either believe me for word, or explore the applied screenshot. No, this is not a commercial leaflet of the Communist Party, as you might think about the amount of red — this is my «Sber-Investor» today here such «Etudes in the crimson tones» draws))

Well, a picture for the mood looked? Let’s just think about what this picture teaches us? Who can say?

Well, of course, everyone immediately realized — this picture teaches us not to make the first and most obvious Investor’s mistake:

What does it mean?

So this is what. If our novice investor was correctly prepared — for example, read carefully and adopted an article

For its operations on the stock exchange uses very comfortable paper —

At the same time


In the situation of market drawdowns, even a sudden and strong market drawdown, which is unknown how much time will last — our investor is calm «as a great Chinese people.» What is he nervous? He owns shares of stable companies that generate profits. He will receive dividends and build up his capital even in difficult times, documented in the price of the action.

BUT! Here it may be in mind our novice investor is extremely unlimited thought:

Here as soon as you hear this thought in your head — chase it immediately. She is whispering for a demon-tempter. I explain on a very simple example.

Imagine the river. It is obvious to you that swim «for the flow» is much easier than against the current? With shares in the same way.

When you buy stocks to own them and make a profit together with the enterprise — the laws of economics themselves play on you (especially in our example — considering that you have chosen a «horns and hooves» to the office, but solid, huge, sustainable companies).

In a situation where you sell shares and expect that the shares «will definitely fall and be even lower,» you act against the current — against the general laws of the economy. This does not mean that the shares never fall — it just means that they fall (especially the shares of large sustainable companies) — statistically — a little less often than grow. And about your ability to predict — you all recently bought these shares and predicted growth — but it was not right. Why do you suddenly have confidence that predicting the fall in you «opened the» third eye «? Only in the case of predicting growth — you have any time as you like to correct your mistake.

Let’s look at this situation on the example.

Petya and Vasya bought 100 shares of the company Sbergas for 10 rubles. Just 1000 rubles each.

The next day, the shares fell by 5 rubles.

Now in Petit, and Vasi has a paper loss — every 500 rubles each.

Petya believed that the shares would fall up to 1 ruble and sold all its shares of 5 rubles. He fixed a paper loss. Turned a paper loss in real. Pay attention — only after the sale of stocks it happens — until this loss remains paper arbitrarily for a long time.

And Vasya squeezed his teeth and simply patiently waited for the growth of the course of stock — he believed in a reliable company Sbergaz)).

Vasya was right — shares, praying for some time in the sidelike, sharply rose up to 15 rubles.

Vasya earned 500 rubles arrived at the rate of growth and waiting for dividends.

And Petya lost 500 rubles when the loss recorded. He failed to buy fallen shares. Now he looks at the expensive stock of the Sbergaz and thinks to buy them for 15 rubles or wait again when they cheaper?

Well, let’s see another common error of novice investors.

It is called «Take shares» on the sample «.

Oh, it is generally very cool. I even somehow did not immediately understand when for the first time with this I encountered the forums and read it «I will take a couple of shares» on the sample «. Acknowledge — I fell a little precipitate from such a wording. Immediately I remember the old joke «Salo, Yak Salo — Shah’s try?» It was not quite clear to me — exactly how good people are going to «try» Lukoil and or Norilsk. But gradually it came to me. Now I will tell you if among readers there are the same incomprehensible as me.

The thing is what. Our people with what only the stock exchange is confused. People who write «take the action» on the sample «- confuse her with an amusement park. They take the action «On the sample» in order to check — «Rocket» or «Not Rocket» — «will fly» or «will not fly». Seriously. Here are straight with such a children’s immediacy. Buy and watch. If in a day or two promotion added a few percent — «sample» succeeded — you can take more. If not addicted — the action is bad. If two or three «rockets» do not take off in a row, then the Russian market and the «provider» goes to the American «)) are badly announced.

In general, the action is not a bun, this is a piece of business. It can not be taken «on the sample». It is just unimaginable. To make it easier for you to remember I even bad poems in the style of ignorance about it composed))

«The action is not died — it is impossible for a sample.»

Well, the third case, which we will analyze today — is also associated with the fact that the stock exchange is confused with a completely different place. Here, probably, the state is guilty. Casino has banned. And the stock exchange not only did not forbid — also calls everyone there. It is clear that the state wants, as better — another way to provide a worthy retirement to the wide sections of the population. But with explanatory work, it is necessary to establish a better deal.

Well, while I am for the state try, in the end, this is my civil debt))

Guys, the fact that the state protects unqualified investors from complex tools is good, it is not evil. Nafig the usual person futures with options are not needed — this is the lot of professionals.

Only I.

It is clear that the activity on the purchase and sale of securities of no accident in Russian is the integral name «game on the stock exchange». This is the default associated with azart.

There is a risk — and without it does not do any transaction.

There is a cash remuneration if successful.

And what do we have? Risk and risk fee? In fact, this is a description of gambling.


Let’s summarize a short result:

Do not turn a paper loss in real.

Do not take shares on the sample. This is part of the business, not a bun.

Always keep your excitement under control.

Only so you will confidently move to wealth in the securities market, where, as Buffett says, money is moving from greedy to patient. Only so we get to become