Portfolio for 40 million thoughts on shares of mail

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«And for you, a native, there is a field mail»

(s) M.A. Dudin.

We communicated today in the comments with the reader about the prospects of Meil Ru, and I understood that I think so much about it and so long that it is time to write an article)) There, after all, what an interesting thing it turns out: about a good company that I never bought thinking longer than about the one that bought — that acquired, and no longer twisted, so, the edge of the eyes look at the current state — whether the Issuer is in order.

But if the company in the portfolio has not yet taken, then doubts will be given to you for months — you can not sleep at night, you can not sleep, all about the destinies of the Motherland (crushed) Male ru worry))

And the problem is here in which. I really like me. And there is something. Let’s list a little pluses of mail ru groups — and then what will I sigh alone on him?


At the same time by P / E, the company is twice cheaper than Yandex

Or what are the shortcomings of the company? There are disadvantages, like without them.

Let’s get the picture for the completeness and there will be for disadvantages.

Net profit in the first quarter 2020 fell by 20%. The reason is clear — advertising is less given into a crisis, but little joy.
The stock turns on the spot and even the inclusion in the MSCI RUSSIA index has no explosive growth caused.

I would be the same and the other drawback forgave the company without looking — all this is not a problem in general, momentary difficulties. But there is one serious «but» — dividends, the popyan, do not flutter (((

And I still do not leave me a desire to streamline the paper set system in your portfolio according to a formal sign — and this sign is that no less than 5% of the dividend yield gave the issuer. So it is somehow calmer, for nerves easier.

But this is how usually «Want to embrace God — tell him your plans.»

So I am recruiting such «exceptions» in the portfolio in the end — about 25% of the overall size. Well, where else did you take Mail ru, too, in violation of my principles? I will be quite unprincipled for this ((it remains to console yourself that Alibaba owns a decent package in Mail Ru — so I, it turns out, indirectly, I own)) But so long ago I want to buy a piece of this excellent company and directly. I feel, I can not stay at the next purchase — the temptation is too great, God with them, with dividends, and with the principles too))

That’s how it turns out until today, quite clearly on the saying «The best — the enemy is good» is a very good company Mail Ru, everything will not be in my portfolio. Although it’s time for her a long time ago. After all, the company is really very good and I know for sure that there are people who she will do