Portfolio for 40 million Sber, Great and Mighty

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«What a boulder, what a motley man»

(c) V.I. Lenin

«The poet in Russia is more than the poet,» said Yevgeny Yevtushenko. And Sberbank in Russia is more than Sberbank. And even more than the bank. Now, at least. From the fall of last year, His leadership, and the famous Soviet actors, and many stock analysts, and the famous Soviet actors. I have already convinced me. Gave slack. Fucking. While he was still just a bank — well, I somehow kept. And now — all. I love him I can not. I want to see him in my portfolio. Although the price is high — but not the heart does not order))

This article — in principle, will be one big panegonic. Get ready. If it is unbearable for someone — it’s better right immediately close the article. Throughout the entire material, I will pour «honey and firings» and to take praise to a worthy rider and its numerous merit and advantages.

Well, okay, okay, kidding. In fact, this is my Epitia.

So let’s start in order.

Relationship with the save I have long and not simple.

Let’s start with the most interesting.

What do we see? What did the share of the Sale of those who, in contrast to me, had enough brains to invest in it in time immemorial? O! This is not a pound of raisin guys. This, by the way, the rocket, compared to which your Tesla is just an old eared Zaporozhets —

Hmmm … There, it seems, someone in the comments told that it should not be invested in the Russian market? Only in the states there are paper with good growth? Maybe not everything is so unequivocal? ))

Ordinary shares grew a little more modest, although what a modesty is already here — 37 381% over the same period. Well, too, «modest» 370 times in 20 years have grown.

I will illustrate on the example, and the fact that you are dry numbers. In April 2009, the prefers of the Sber have cost 15.35 rubles. And in October 2020, on the prefam, you would receive dividends more than 16 rubles after all taxes. Let’s more clearly make an example — if you were invested in April 2009 a million rubles into preferred shares of Sberbank — in October last year, you would get this million in the form of dividends. Apart from the increase in the price of shares and the Mountain of dividends, which you would have zagrebral from 2009.

That’s how guys. «Such, my friend, theory everywhere, and the tree of life is magnificent green.» (c) … So here is the green emblem of a savage, as a travelable lighthouse for all investors. No wonder even the meme on the stock exchange was established «to strust the salaries» as a synonym for classes of extremely stupid and unpromising — type to do not care against the wind. Remember in the movie «Up Movement» there was such a coaching thought — «If what — give a gray ball — he knows what to do with it?» That’s how in our market. As the twenty years of life experience shows — there has never been a mistake to buy Sberbank shares. And if we regretted about something, they bought them — then only about what they were sold. Not so long ago there was an interview with one of the iconic figures of the world of Russian investment — Larisa Morozova — she told about his first operations on the stock exchange, about the first earnings on Sberbank shares (which she resold with excellent profit) and how she regrets that she Not enough strategic thinking to keep these shares and never release them from the hands.

With the profitability figured out. What about about

What is interesting — gradually in the so-called «People’s Portfolio» — the list of the most popular stock investors in the Retail Investors — Sber is Tesne Gazprom as the capitalization of the Sale confidently bypassed the capitalization of Gazprom (5,276 billion rubles). It seems to me that in our people the largest traction to everything big. And we have the largest and most projects in it in it. We create gigantic (well, in fact — not in Monaco, Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP build?))) Well, we give us the biggest — «Cut the shoulder, breathing the hand.»

Let’s talk about

Foreign investors

But here it lies trick. By a member of the expression of one blogger — «For large Western investment funds, the Sber is not only a point of entry, but also a point of exit»)) as soon as the next political boat begins — immediately the nerve funds decide to leave Russia — and this means to get out of the savings. So, the major investments of Western funds in the paper of the Sberbank, unfortunately, with the current political climate, cannot be considered a stabilizing factor.


Literally, everything as one analysts are convinced that it is the Sber (and only Sber «it is able to become immediately and at the same time Russian Amazon and Google. Moreover, it is still under the wing of the state. Yes, as a «cherry on the cake» — will release their bitcoins. As they say «Well, how do you, Ilon Mask»? Personally, I thought. It is believed that only the savage has almost limitless resources (both cash and lobbying), energetic and highly motivated management — primarily the first person — and the initial «Fora» in the form of a dominant position in the market and the well-known name.

Needless to see what will work out of all this. But if it turns out that the Sber is plans — it will be unimaginable in its power machine to earn money. Just as required if you want to become