Portfolio for 40 million Results for 2020

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Then we read wounds,

Comrades count. «

(c) M.Yu. Lermontov

That ended this long leap year with all his misadventures. Now, let’s hope in the coming 2021th, we are waiting for all the best and beautiful. And I ask not to quit in the comments, that already January 01 began with the «beautiful» news about Deliveting Chain Mobile in the New York Stock Exchange. I do not need this unhealthy discharge of drama))

So today we will not be about the international setting. The topic of today’s article is not the fact that local — I am a homely home: my own native and close investment portfolio. I decided on the occasion of the outgoing year, like many Russians, summarize, «sweep the grandmother» and summarize the work done.

Moreover, people in the comments were interested in specific figures, and I, with my poetic approach to investment, one was the answer — at the end of the year, the broker exact numbers will send, so we learn what and how. Well, a broker sent, thank you very much, consider.


28 million rubles were submitted to the Brokerage account for the year. (Of these, five in the last week of December, so that in the calculation of the total profitability, probably, they will not be considered quite true? At least I have not taken into account for myself.)

The amount of taxable income amounted to 11.8 million rubles. On 23 million it is about 51% income per year.

The income structure is approximately as:

March — loss on bonds 2 million switched entirely on stocks.

Then from March to July Yandex earnings about 10 million.



Plus, small numbers in dividends — managed to get from Sber, Severstal, Fierzer. And completely gradually from others. With dividends, I somehow did not take me — the main potential «feeder» at the dividend — Norilsk — canceled the payment in the fall. The second might be Tatneft — also did not want to share. Only a feather did not fail))

And on the other hand — who is me «Evil Pinocchio»? Himself sold metallurgists, paying excellent diva four times a year, and now I sigh hypocritically that I have little dividends))

Naturally, I am more than satisfied, which is already there. God forbid every year. I read about the guys, which earn 180% — and here as in spirit — not even envy. I have these results, I am absolutely pleased, especially since I have more than modest target — you will laugh:

Now I am building plans for the future. This article turned out to be very short — as a financial report)) In fact, it was planned to make it part of the article with a general overview of the portfolio and plans for its development, which I am doing now, but I realized that there is a long «Longrid», so allocated This «Finstrip» in a separate small post.

Well, taking this opportunity I want to congratulate all readers with the New Year, who has not had time to congratulate in the comments personally. I am very glad that for such a short term — just a month and a half — we begin to develop a community, many of you I recognize «in the face» and look forward to you in the comments.

We have a very good atmosphere of respectful communication on this channel, which I try to support for my part.

I like that even discrepancies in some positions do not interfere with us intelligent and reasoned to discuss their plans for how we will definitely become