Portfolio for 40 million portfolio overview at the start of 2021

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Fatherland Slavs, which is, but three times — which will be.»

(c) V.V. Mayakovsky

Long time I did not post on the universal review of a fresh overview of the portfolio — from the end of November — and then changes in it fully. To combine pleasant with pleasant — I will admire the treasures and build plans for further enrichment (I do not remember, I have already said, how do I adore build plans?))))

At the same time, the thoughts will bring their thoughts in order — time is now just suitable, New Year, when all the advanced humanity plans for the whole year ahead builds — it is necessary for me to keep up, especially as I expect the arrival of some amounts from the long-suffering developer project. I will tell you about your ideas, I will listen to your comments and suggestions in the comments — it will get a whole Kurultai.

Check … Tune in to leisurely reading. Surely everyone else has salads after the New Year’s table — and I have one employee correctly said: «Better than the New Year is only one holiday -» reeding «)) Of course, at the same time there is and read — it is harmful. But nice. But it has long been known that everything in the world is pleasant things — «or harmful, or immoral, or get fat»))

Well, let’s take a look at the portfolio, how did it appear at the end of the year?


Polymetal is mined in addition to gold and silver is the number one in the mining of primary silver in Russia. And silver in the opinion of many experts is underestimated compared to gold and can grow with a leading pace. Moreover, silver is not only insurance against inflation, but also extremely demanded in the green energy (solar panels) metal.

Also, Polymetal plans to begin platinum production.

In 2019, the pole declared the reserves of proven gold by 6%, and the polymetal rose by 13% — i.e. Buying polymetal you buy, roughly speaking, the same ruble potentially more than ounces of gold, and in addition, the oz of silver and platinum.

Petropavlovsk is more underestimated, judging by the multipliers — but the entrance to the company with a joint-stock conflict is such a «ball in the game», and I would like to make reliable investments, especially since the gold miner, as you see, in the portfolio Many space.

I have a medium in Polymetal 1623, but this is not the main number in the case of such a company, in my opinion. Most likely, if in the next month and a half money from real estate will come to the account — I will still buy it, especially without looking at the price. For this year, Polymetal forecasts are so strong that a little growth will not be embarrassed.

And there is a desire to dial a serious position, in order to at the end of the year, if the situation changes (the danger of the pandemic will retreat and the forecasts for 2022 gold will become less rainbow), part of the position to reset and fix profits, and part of the position — the company seems to me long-term promising Even without sharp rise in prices for gold. The company’s plans for increasing the stocks of raw materials, to buy new deposits and pay dividends generously than before.


Unlike Polymetal, where the driver’s growth driver for precious metals is a considerable degree of difficult epidemiological situation and tensions in financial markets, here Nickel is completely open horizons. Batteries will be needed to all in all countries, in a huge amount, and nickel (especially quality — which is produced in Norilsk) — will be constantly very in demand for many years. So the price should grow long and strongly.

At the same time, different intermediate stories are possible — for example, after the end of the shareholder agreement between the Rusal and Interros, the dividends — the Potanin can decrease for a long time to increase the increase in the quantity. Shareholders can mention and shares may temporarily seek. Who as, and I, if this moment comes, take a very big bag and go to the market behind the PCC)) But, before that, I do not plan much changes in this position.


Nevertheless, analysts promise growth together. And the company itself regularly pays good dividends. There are no plans for a year to reduce the position. Looks like — MTS and my portfolio reached mutual harmony))

Tatneft Pref.

As for the plans in this position for 2021: if the people begin to quit the Tatneft again, they will continue to averaged, but gradually, without much excitement.


But still invest in the company, which, though after 10 years, and definitely go to the sunset — not a very pleasant story, at least in my opinion. So it doesn’t want to do in the portfolio to the oil and do not want to do, despite the fact that on the same Rosneft there are the most wonderful forecasts, which super dividend china will be in a year or another.

Surgutneefthaz Pref


Growth this year, I personally would not be expelled — it seems to me only the oil market will begin to wake up. But analysts disagree with me. VTB Capital 18% growth promises, and URALSIB and all 38% cleared.

I don’t know when in their opinion it should happen — the year has already begun, and the people are still running from vaccination, like a hare from a ball that I decided to do photohot. I read the news and terrify — in the states on advertising vaccination of money allocated almost as much as the development of the vaccine. And not from a good life so generously advertising will turn — 42% of Americans decided not to vaccinate. If you do not change my mind — then the pandemic vaccine will not stop. That is, we, those who have been given, will save from Coronavirus, but no economy. To stop the pandemic you need to instill a minimum of 70% of the population (or wait for the onset of natural immunity at the same percentage that it is not difficult to understand — it’s not fast). Okay, let’s not talk about sad, we will continue about the portfolio.


This year, not all the results of investments should become obvious. Here in the next (2022th year), as it seems to me, the paper can shoot. I want to accumulate it during the year. People smarter than me would have been beautifully writing «I will buy out on drawdowns,» but I will honestly — I will be impossible to buy a little «for surrender» by using the fact that the lot is inexpensive. Often I do with the NKNX — there was a disqualified amount on the account — here it is always possible to determine it with the mind))

In general, the NKN as well as Nickel looks like a promising «company of the future» — produces super modern plastics, a wide range of polymers, synthetic charters of world quality for leading global tire manufacturers. And continuously expands production — for the following years in the commodity and monetary measurement plans to increase the volume at times (!!!) Therefore, I consider the investment of a long-term, not claiming to «exhaust», and calmly gradually increase its volume without having a briefly and Medium-term expectations.


Note For the most inquisitive — many people think that cube cube, which was kept in Paris since the exhibition of 1889 — it was a cubic meter — Avotfig — it was a cubic soot (2.16 meters by 2.16). There was no whole cymes — there was no such huge fertile layer anywhere in Europe. By the way, the cube is completely no longer available for Furnishing — only his remains. During student unrest in 1968, students of the Redebanili cube ((

Companies predict more than generous dividends and growth this year. Everything looks quite reasonable. In principle, it is not clear how a well-working agricultural producer may not row money with a shovel in conditions when fresh water is enough (it is its absence that causes the cost of food in many countries), and the huge population of China and India wants to eat more and more and more tastier and tastier .

So Rusagro — also gets a permanent residence in the portfolio. In the «Red Corner» — near Norilsk and NKNX)) I will seriously increase it in the portfolio. Moreover, to buy more than some kind of food in our market from food producers — Cherkizovo with their additional emission is not an option at all.



While I do not plan to expand investments in the company — Diva below 5% go below my careful benchmark — I would not like to «get stuck» a large share of the portfolio in a company that does not grow, and does not pay at least 5%.





Well, it always happens, only the right risk balance and profitability makes a person