Portfolio for 40 million Mosbirja, Sber and a couple of words about the CPIF FPR

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Do money, do money, and the rest is all — rubbing»

(c) from the M / f «Treasure Island»

In general, with my love for all those issuers who or directly produce something from under the ground, or (at a thin end) at least transported this good in huge and spacious ships, it was immediately clear — the laudatory words from me the financial sector can And never wait.

But today we have such issuers from the financial sector, that this is not ababa who. It is not a sin to look at the most passionate resource-producing companies to the investor. Well, I, accordingly, I looked at and report.

Here Mosbirja, for example, is such a company that attracts the attention of a novice investor immediately. The idea is simple and win-win. But it is known — the simpler the plan, the greater the chance of success: just nothing to go wrong.

And any investor, even the most starting, he sees? In any deal-based transaction with securities (which is in profitable, which is at the unprofitable) there is only one side that wins absolutely always — this is the exchange itself.

And considering that the number of clients of the Moscow Exchange is continuously growing — and this is not a secret for anyone — it looks like the purchase of stock stocks it is just that lying on the surface the most beautifully win-win and brilliant investment idea. If a certain skepticism has now been preparing in the previous phrase, he did not imagine you.

I myself was completely fascinated by these wonderful general reasoning about the mosbeger. Not that now I am ready to fully cross their cross-crosswise by two greasy red lines, but still I propose a little more closely to look at this Issuer «under the hood» before sending it to your portfolio.


What is the same in our above arguments, but what is not at all? Let’s just list all the facts in one row — both the pros and cons — and then let’s go to the conclusions.

With the facts everything seems. Let’s slowly at the outputs on the issuer.

TOTAL — What do we have?

Protective paper.

It will carry out its role of protecting paper — there can be no two opinions. The business is so arranged that it is difficult to lose money, as if the management tried. Can show a good height? What «Maybe» is just definitely «yes.» But will you show? It seems that almost a monopoly position caused such a total relaxation at Mosbery’s management, which they are not ready to mobilize for labor feats ((

Christmas trees, guys, well, honestly, as not ashamed! Some, won, as a polymetal or Tatneft, — from under the ground in the literal sense of the word the money is digging, and you are the money they carry money. How do you manage so slowly grow your profits ??? The children’s proverb is remembered: «Hedgehog is proud of — until you hide — it will not fly.» Maybe at least the IPO of St. Petersburg Exchange will give Mosbery «Magic Pendel» so that they climbed and revived))

The second Issuer from the financial sector, which I would like to talk about today —

After all, the monopolist in its kind, although it hides it thoroughly))

Apparently, even the small simulation of the competition, which is created by other banks in the Russian banking system to our «green giant», go to the rider for the benefit — compared to the Mosbery it is quite in good shape. What is there in Tonus — just handsome and phytonish))

Just the other day, the January reporting of the RAS was released — right for example, there is something to admire))

Net profit of 86.7 billion rubles, capital profitability — 21.1%.

In addition, the record amount of loans for the month was given to the month for January — 291 billion rubles.

Well, what do you say here? As a bank — the collection shows himself well. And it would be possible to even just want to take it to the briefcase.

But he is also an ecosystem. (Or now it is necessary to say that it is first of all — the ecosystem?)

So, by estimating it precisely as an ecosystem, a great many smart people believe that no other technological companies can be compared with it on this basis. Yandex is weaker, Mail Ru — in fact, for the root bought with a savings, although he unluckled from it)) There are no other real competitors in Russia. So over time it is a selection to flood all the spheres of life from delivery to a taxi and from online learning to telemedicine. These are the forecasts.

And if they come true — it will be very insulting not to have a piece of all this magnificence.

Moreover, if everyone is angry — in your hands, you (see above) will remain a large bank with good financial indicators and the tradition of paying high dividends.

So it turns out that when choosing, «who to buy in the financial sector» the solution is obvious — well, of course, the Sber.

Well, a bonus — instead of a post-promptum — as promised, a couple of words about the CPIF FPR, since me, like many readers, worries the fate of this wonderful fund.

The other day he had happiness to communicate with his beloved financial guru —

In ZPIF FPR, it does not invest. Of course, I myself had to figure out that a person of such a scale and such awareness has its own analytical service and does not need a fund and analytics for investing in an IPO.

But, I was pleasantly surprised by learning that my guru directly works closely with Frida Finance — in my opinion, this is a good recommendation for the company Freeda Finance — and indirectly, and in relation to the Foundation. So I consider the information received positive.

It seems that attachments in the CPIF FPR will still help us with you become