Portfolio for 40 million dividend pension.

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«Your well-being depends on your own solutions.»

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When we reasoned about

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Let’s first understand what kind of beast is so at all — «Pension» — and «Dividend Pension» in particular? And I noticed in the comments to many articles on the topic that we will consider today, there is a breakdown and mild, and basically, it seems to me, exactly for the reason that people who have not decided on the terms, discuss completely different things. Well, nothing, we are not used to get used — now everything is quickly spread around the shelves — and immediately everything will become absolutely clear and clear.


In principle on science

Recently, people saying about the «dividend pension» more and more often mix it with passive income. This is due to the growth of the popularity of the movement of Fire — Financial Independence Retire Early (financial independence and early pension). Let’s clearly divide these things for simplicity of further reasoning.

Passive income


«Dividend Pension»

With definitions, everything became clear. What should be?

And follow these interesting conclusions.

By dividend pension, in fact, people imply two completely different phenomena:

Why is it so fundamentally important? Yes, because these are two completely different life situations! And in these completely different life situations, the paper should also be completely different.

One set of papers — for a working person who just wants to see additional passive income.

And a completely different set of papers for a person who has all the material well-being and the very existence depends on the receipt of passive income — this retirement itself.

Let’s stop more detail.

In order not to go far as an example, take me — a working person, while having a package of dividend shares.

This package of shares is theoretically capable of generating a significant cash flow for the year — which could be called, as it has become fashionable, «dividend pension». Yes, it’s good things — I have about 75% of the portfolio in dividend actions. These are excellent issuers — you know them all and love — Norilsk, Severstal, Polymetal, Rusagro, RusHydro and others like them. Dividend yield at the dividend portfolio (sorry for the tautology) is significantly higher than 8% this year is expected (pah-pah, so as not to smooth). These are wonderful indicators — what is there.

But only at the very case

And until then, while I live on «labor income», and not with market proceeds, everything in my portfolio suits me more than completely. The portfolio is sharpened to the prospect of growth, but it is stabilized by dividend yield. I am completely satisfied with them. But the pensioner would not be pleased. The stability of money receipts is no.

Remember — at the very beginning of the article talked about the fact that «pension» is definitely regular cash payments. From this point of view

Dividends are not regular payments

In the US, there is a list of dividend aristocrats — companies for 25 years not only dividends pay — but even from year to year increase. And after all, even from this list, from time to time, the company will fly out. Life — she also presents such surprises.

Therefore, when in the comments and in personal correspondence, I ask me which promotions come to the dividend pension I will not offer to copy my portfolio. And on the pension itself a completely different set of papers to Gather. The portfolio is always subordinate to the target for which it is created.

Now purpose for me —

And on retired the goal will be —

Therefore, on pensions, I will form my portfolio in a completely different way. Literally — it is shifting from top to bottom to donomose so that it meets new goals and tasks.


First of all — paper real estate.

It is the tools such as Reit s and CPIFs of real estate will give an investor-pensioner guaranteed and regular revenues. At the same time, there will be some kind of cash flow protection against inflation, although there will be almost no growth prospect. With a competent choice of specific tools, the level of profitability can be quite worthy, and I would appreciate the reliability at the level of corporate bonds.

In paper real estate, in my opinion, the pensioner makes sense to keep at least 80% of investments, if possible, diversifying them by countries, managing companies and objects. Less than 80% of investments to direct in real estate in my opinion makes sense only if the capital is very large and monthly expenses do not constitute a significant cost article.

Why not a specific object / real estate objects, even if capital allows it? Why only «paper» real estate? There are several reasons:

Most likely, capital allows you to invest in the residential real estate, and the best economic indicators in commercial;

Paper properties will give you diversification;

Inserting into paper real estate you buy not only cash flow, but also the lack of trouble — all problems take on the manager.

With the remaining 20% savings, in my opinion, the pensioner can be done a little more boldly — invested them in stable dividend blue chips.

The idea is that some people in pensions can live dozens of years, and on this horizon, the shares will be much more beneficial than Reit / CPIF real estate and give a pensioner capital growth and good profitability. The unstable arrival of dividends on the long period will not be as important — the current needs of the pensioner should be covered by the receipts from «paper real estate».

The most obvious question is why there are no bonds in my «pensioner’s portfolio»?

And the incomprehensible tool in our bond time. What do they give? Profitable? Low. Barely inflation covered if the issuer is solid. And if incomotive — so why bond an incomplete issuer to take? Bonds of an incomulted issuer are risk. And if we take the risk — then it is better to take stock. Because, taking the risk, you can take shares of a very solid issuer)) This is such a paradox.

What else from bonds can be obtained? Predictable income? In fact, we get from «paper real estate». Only plus to predictable income — the flow indexation and some minimum chance of capital gains over time.

So there is no applied application for bonds in the pensioner’s portfolio — so there was no place there.

Yes, and not pensioners, either I do not advise you to spend time and money on bonds — not the tool that will make you