Portfolio for 40 million CPIF FPR — my most risky plan

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Quality to put in joyful hope

On the map everything that has accumulated with difficulty. «

(c) R. Kipling

It seems that high temperature makes me write and articles exclusively about the hottest investments. That paper that we will talk about today

Yes, because

As it was usually in the latest publications — I will not forget everyone to remind — no individual investment recommendations do not contain post, don’t even look for))

Today we will discuss investment extremely promising and extremely risky —

To begin with — why is this not an action, what is it and what is the difference from the action?

I tell «on the fingers.»

For which it is done.

Now unqualified investors do not have the legal opportunity to take part in foreign IPOs (primary accommodations of shares) — when a new, promising company goes to the stock exchange (or not a new company, and the old one, but not a previously public — a good example — Sovcomflot).

In American IPO, huge money is earned in a short time — the shares were only entered on the stock exchange, no one knows their fair price — often paper «takes off» in a few weeks (or even hours) for dozens and hundreds of percent.

Appointment of VPIF FPR — give a simple investor

How it works:

The fund collects money from people.

The foundation analysts are selecting the IPO in which the Foundation will take part.

Each selected IPO is deposited by 1/10 free cash. That is, analysts only choose — which IPO fund will in principle go, and in what — no. The size of the entry into position itself is automatically determined by the Charter of the Fund. Without a subjective approach.

Cash, which have not yet been invested in the IPO — the Foundation keeps in short bonds.

In every IPO, the Foundation is 3 months. After 3 months — sells papers. This is important for understanding — the fund that makes the release of new issuers on the stock exchange. He will never keep the issuer’s paper into a long time, no matter how promising the issuer is either.

What is the difference from the action.

The fund is not a company that has a business generating profit. Example of company -RUSAGRO. There, from year to year, the routine making money takes place. Singing and going to bread, products are produced and sold to the consumer. Therefore, if today even the company will have a loss — then tomorrow profit will come.

So — the Fund has no business with routine money earning. Or if you want

This must be very good to understand, deciding on the investment in the SPIF FPR.

Yes, behind Frida Finance is an excellent «track record» — 8 years old they are invested in an IPO with excellent performance: 72% of profitless transactions, about 42% average profitability for three months of ownership of shares after IPO.

If you look at the statistics on RBC — there every analytical office has a rating rating — then Freeda Finance is 58%. This is very high. For comparison, I will give several companies and their ratings of forecasts for RBC: VTB Capital — 56%, Oppenheimer — 68%, Morgan Stanley — 53%, BCS — 47%, opening broker — 49%, Renaissance Capital — 45%. As you can see — Frida Finance looks in this list very adequate, apparently the company really has an excellent analytical department.

That’s just — we don’t even know «in the face» who exactly these nameless genias analysts within the company that ensured this performance. And we do not know when (if) they will be heard. And the results can suddenly fall — and never return to those fabulous numbers to which we are already accustomed.

Yes, what about numbers? Actually, if you look at the results of the Foundation (I put the screen of December 9, now the foundation is 5% higher than), it is clear that the guys from Freed Finance are really able to choose an IPO. Strongly more than 100% in just 5 months — it does not look like. Growth is so fast, which just scares. And this no one else knows about the fund. When people see these yields — such an excitement will begin there, which is difficult to imagine))

What do smart people think?

Discussed this fund with several bankers and financiers. Especially after recently recently, an article with a black PR, which was explained that the structures controlled by the owners of the fund «Create» the money of the Foundation, because There is no direct access to American stock exchanges.

Someone expressed Skepticism.

And somewhat highly advanced in the world of finance, people are quite willingly invested in it, with all reservations that the investment is very risky, but the yield quite corresponds to risk.

What are the conclusions?

This is a very risky and very high-yield attachment. You can invest the money you are ready to lose. For myself, I decided to make investments in the foundation after the inauguration of Byyden. For conservative investors, it is categorically recommended to forget all that you read here.

The rest is to think about how much you are ready to risk the sake of chance to quickly become