Portfolio for 40 million business or investment — what is better?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл


(c) Song from k / f «Caucasian captive»

Many readers, undoubtedly, sincerely wanting to me, in the comments, they advise me to quit stupid, here this is the whole of the whole on the stock exchange and finally «business» — to invest in your own business.

Well, it seems logical. Business. It is translated from the Bourgeois language — the matter. And what we, sinners, are engaged in the securities market, respectively, apparently — no matter))

So, it turns out?

No not like this.

Let’s deal with.

For a start, as usual, we should decide

Well, okay, we are still not talking about the lottery, but about more conservative investment methods.

Types of investment


Invest, for example, in securities can be made a million ways to buy stocks, bonds, stocks of funds. Futures and options, again, you can purchase, although I never advise any of the beginners to anyone. And in general — what are we all about «buying» talking? After all, it is possible to «sell» these the most securities — to shorten, then-mean))), too, the type of investment, a kind. Although the level of risk is closer to the lottery ticketing is, of course, than many other types of investment))

About the variety of types of investments and the topic of today’s article — the old Soviet joke remembered:


And suddenly the announcement on the bench in front of the club «Theme of today’s lecture» Types of love! «

The people fell into the club, and the apple, there is no place to fall apple.

It turns out the Honored Lecturer of All-Union Society «Knowledge» and Fasting says:


Similar love in nature is a great set.

There is love between a man and a woman — you know everything about it — all people are adults.

There is love between a man and a man — this is our Soviet legislation does not approve.

And there is love for homeland. Here we are talking about this today and talk more.

So, more in more detail today we will talk only about

Promotion is your share in the company

What is the difference? Why does the disputes between the supporters of the «own business» and investors do not duck?

To understand how it seems to me, you can both those and others. Let’s try to be objective and see what the pros allow us to invest money in your own business — and what minuses, of course. Well, accordingly, on this background, all «for» and «against» investments in the action will be visible.


Own business.

Advantages are valid:

The benefits are imaginary:

Well, according to the benefits of own business, both in the present and imaginary, let’s a little about its shortcomings.

Disadvantages of their own business:

Let’s bring a small result of the disadvantages of your own business.

«You spend a lot of time — usually all your time on your own business.»

At the same time, you are in full responsibility for it — now the attraction of the owner to the «subsidiary» liability on the debts of the company is now, that is, the money is shaking money, although the company seems to be with a «limited» responsibility.

The non-unified possibility of criminal prosecution, not always fair.

Your business can take away — and it is if it goes well, then such a risk is increasing.

All this theoretically should be balanced by the fact that:

But the dividends appoint himself

Personally steering a business like a great feed

Well, something in my opinion — the heater is not worth it.

Investments in the shares of large companies, compared with their own business, have a number of intelligible advantages. Let’s give these advantages, if they were lost in the article:

Summarizing. Business is an occupation not for everyone. For people of talented and hardworking, ready for difficulties and adversities. And with a tendency to risk.

And investing is the case necessary and accessible to everyone. Anyone who hesitates their greed and will show some patience and common sense, investing will make a little more consistent, and some, especially diligent and lucky —