Portfolio for 40 million about good people and fulfilling promises

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«The nails would do from these people: tightly it was not in the world of nails. «

(c) Nikolay Tikhonov

It was in pre-revolutionary times such a genre — «Saty Story». My story is to be a little enough, but is still too beautiful and unusual to stay not behaved.

If you remember the wonderful novel «Molded» Viktor Hugo, there was a story at the very beginning, when Jean Valzhan robbed a bishop. So, before deploying the scene itself with theft, Hugo tells us about this bishop a lot of good. Very good. So much good that completes this story with the words:

That’s how I, starting my story, there is a feeling that I will now tell you about the country «Pony and Unicorns.» But I want to remind you a simple piece — I worked a fourth century by a lawyer. It is not difficult to guess that faith in ponies and unicorns over these years was strongly shaken in my soul. Moreover, the first thirteen years of his career, I very actively changed the place of work. In the West, this is called Job Jumping. In the Soviet times, such disapproval was called «flyers» — and what to do — only this could be obtained every year more and higher salary and position.

And it was not very difficult to change the work — today you serve the interests of some hard, cunning and most often unprincipled people — and tomorrow others, exactly the same, only now you pay more.

But the last place of work delayed me for long twelve years. And it’s not just that — shareholders, business owners there were completely extraordinary people. Absolutely decent, honest, performing all promises — both data on business partners and employees.

And just more than a year ago I left this work. There I twelve led the Legal Department of the Development Holding. Naturally, such a long period has developed some personal relationship with the shareholders of this holding. In particular, one of them —

Guided by the people’s wisdom that «for the demand does not hit the nose», on the eve of his departure from the company I asked the audience from shareholders and turned to them with a heartfelt speech. In this speech, I quite honestly painted that all the twelve years served faithfully, not for fear, but for conscience, and since I actually worked not only for the benefit of the company itself, but also for the benefit of specific people — these shareholders — and brought They have a lot of money during their work, he asked them to consider the opportunity to give me a bonus from them personally in connection with the end of such a long period of fruitful cooperation.

Of course, in the world of ordinary people, nothing is so cheap, as the service already provided. But, as mentioned above, it is not about ordinary people. They thought about my request — and, you will laugh — we decided to meet it more than generously satisfying. Then, a year ago, I was given two million rubles, and for the second «tranche» offered to appeal in a year.

We must admit that faith in people is not so strong in me so that I can, put the hand on the heart of saying that now it’s never once for this year the worm of doubt moved in my soul. Still, the year was not the easiest, just say not profitable, and here some oral promise to give two million former Director of the Legal Department — not the most good reason for payment))

In general, despite all my trust in the «holy man» (as I respectfully call the financial guru) and his partner, I nevertheless exhaled with relief, seeing today that the transaction was held. I, of course, quite recently, in the article about charity, reasoned that the «holy man» always keeps his promises … But after all, «and on the old woman there is a drup» or, as elsewhere «everything happens for the first time «. In general, seeing money in the account I became much more fun)))

That’s how it happens.

When I called to thank — honestly said, as I think — that I no longer count on such people to meet in life, and I was just unusually lucky that I managed to meet at least one day.

As I wrote in the epigraph — nails would make from these people …

In memory of such a steel hardness of this promise — I purchased a thousand shares of Severstal today)) I know that the price is not very — but, you do not look like a gift horse in my teeth))

This is such that, quite a sinic story turned out — quite unusual and fabulous, and with a happy ending. Now, on the canons of the codcript stories, still morality should be withdrawn — and in general everything will be according to the classics))

Well, let’s bring morality? Let us and we will take an example from these wonderful people — to become very rich, remaining absolutely honest. As you can see, a clear observance of promises absolutely does not prevent