Portfolio for 35 million. Why not ETF?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Everything was mixed in the house of the Blond»

L.Tolstoy «Anna Karenina»

Help for the smallest readers so that they are also interested to read the article — what kind of beast is this — ETF? This is traded on the stock exchange (the name happened from English

Question — «

For a start, as it should be a lawyer, with a characteristic intonation in a voice will answer the question: «

Let’s figure it out.

What do we give these characteristics? They give an asset that

Maximum diversification

Minimal influence of the investor

What do we have in the end?


Do not think that it is bad, but this is not good, you will agree — «Gositage», as they said in the university)).

For completeness, it is necessary to mention the picture that a huge number of very respected people is inflated to invest in the index and writes: «Trying to overtake the market is useless. The overwhelming majority of investors loses indexes. «

So beware, oh, bold investors,

Well, for the brave, I will also bring only a few arguments for my part, which, it seems to me, will cool the desire even newcomers to buy an index and inspire more faith in your strength.

Retreat — once carried out an experiment in the American kindergarten and gave children to choose 10 shares for investing for a year. Among these shares a portfolio. Another portfolio amounted to professional financiers. A year later compared the results. «Children’s» portfolio won. By the way, they also exceeded the index)))) who chose children? Companies that they like — Coca-Cola, Pepsiko, Volt Disney)) Children were guided by common sense. As you can see, it was enough to surpass the index and professionals.

As you can see — do not burn the gods in the pots))

In general, ETF or shares of individual enterprises are to choose what you like, most importantly — do not postpone in a long box, but be sure to start investing in principle. Well, there you yourself will not notice how to become