Portfolio for 35 million Speak, the investor loves to buy cheap?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Tea did not drink — what power? The tea went — very weak. «

(c) folk wisdom

People, nevertheless, amazing creatures — do not know what they want. Since the market is emphasized by all the qualities of the human psyche, the most convex, then to observe the behavior of people on it — true pleasure.

When some promotion is «expensive»

But, oh, miracle! As soon as the same action for any reason falls sharply — you will never see a joyful of these same people, lined to buy cheap paper.

What a strange paradox ???


In their wonderful world of pink pony and unicogogues, they want excellent paper to simply suddenly take and no one fine in the morning turned out to be 50% cheaper. Then our dreamy investor her, so to be, buy. And in the evening of the same day, of course, the paper should rise again, better even higher than yesterday))

Do you know, in real life everything goes where how little is lyrically.

When the price for a good share is reduced,

At such moments

But it is precisely that will be the moment when you need, contrary to everything, squeeze your teeth and go against the crowd.

If you want to buy a promotion cheaply, the percentage of the dividends received was higher, and even more so if you want to get something other than dividends, that is, to earn also at the cost of paper when it is resale — that is, one simple rule:

Let’s look at the examples — the benefit of 2020 was «yield» for such examples.

Great Martov Fall

The author was purchased by Yandex about 2400. On all. Fixed 60% of profits in the summer. This is not an example, «What is the author intelligent» — many then got much better digits and in the market in general and on Yandex in particular. This is just a landmark for the awards that the market gives people who are not amenable to a common panic.

Norilsk Room in May-June

For her, 2 billion is not to say that «like an elephant of the crown», but about how you hurt — it hurts, it’s unpleasant — but absolutely not deadly.

How did I regret that I did not have time for this sale — smart people without me bought everything from panickers ((

Sale of Gazprom in October

The people in the rustling of panic and «frightening» of each other by the apocalyptic scenarios forgot a bunch of important information:

and that Gazprom on 15-16 rubles dividends pays recent years

and that the two previous quarters were the worst for many years of Gazprom

And that ahead is cold winter, and Europe is not heated by Santa Claus.

and that for all forecasts prices for gas go up very sharply

And that the northern stream 2 is almost completed

In short, I am not a fan of Gazprom. But at 153 rubles, Gazprom did not take — it’s how not to pick up a hundred-dollar bill from the floor — your guardian angel will be offended, says — in vain threw up))

But did all investors lined up in a queue to buy Gazprom on 153 rubles? How much … how much I drove the mockery, trying to people in the comments (there was still no channel) to convey out of thought:

Fresh Case — Alibaba.

Why, in fact, the idea of this post appeared. In the comments and personal, they began to ask if the attitude towards Ali had changed due to the latest events.

I answer — changed. I planned to just keep purchased by 5 million package. And fresh money to invest in other papers. But in connection with the sale on the cheap — the Alibaba will have to be purchased. Reduce the average for such a beautiful company is too seductive.

What did the guys have changed? Where to panic? Are?

They say «antimonopoly struggle» … a terrible thing … And how, I ask you, this «antimonopoly struggle» goes? Can you specify to start, before in a panic package your package for nothing?

Maybe discovered alternative Ali Express and now the Alibaba has a powerful competitor ??? No? Did not open? And then then panic? Let me tell you what «antimonopoly struggle» is, otherwise you are afraid of the unknown.

Ali demanded from suppliers of exclusive contracts — that is, forced them to trade only with Ali. Otherwise did not work with them. It was its use of a monopoly position. Now it is strictly punished and prohibited to do it. Do you know how much the turn is on these suppliers? Sit strongest less than one percent of the total turnover of Ali. Well, are you still scary ??? Or is it easy? )))

Yes, when checking can «drop» another violation. Yes, they can «hit» fines. And as usual, the nervous comrades will respond to everything with excessive emotionality.

And we buy their shares cheaply. After all, this is our way to become