Portfolio for 35 million development strategy.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Fatherland Slavs that is, but three times — which will be»

(c) Vladimir Mayakovsky

After yesterday’s purchase to the Polymetal portfolio, two and a half million is satisfied with the excitement, like an elephant.

I guess I thought exactly such a company in my portfolio and lacked for complete happiness. This is not just that the company will be stable, grew up and dividends gave, and so that it is directly directly silver from the depths of the earthly mined. With my love, visualize all the issuers included in the portfolio, the picture of the zealous mines mined for the benefit of the shareholders gold and silver (and soon — also platinum in Karelia) as it is impossible to warm the soul with cold winter evenings.

And immediately greed covers me. Why did I have only 2.7 million for the purchase of such a beautiful company? Why not three? After all, round numbers are much better and more pleasant to the eye. It is necessary to work more and save more — until the polymetal has risen in price terribly, it is more likely to buy even a little. By the way, with which I promised to introduce readers for a long time, also a supporter to work with documents overtime — just to buy more good shares))

Help with the purchase of polymetal has come from where they were not waiting. I hurried to help «the second front»))) — Pfizer sent his dividends. True, the Sber did not have time to treat my form of W8Ben, so I got 30% of taxes from me, but they assured that this is the last time))

Polymetal, realizing that there is little money today, kindly reduced the price))

But it’s all already, you can say that the purchase took place.

But I thought about what I really miss the portfolio for complete happiness ???

Here, let’s say, selling successful Gazprom, sharply fired to 240 … Well, or now from real estate money will go to the brokerage account in a significant amount … What do you want to replenish the portfolio? How to make it up to the eye rejoiced?

In general, I dedicated this post to the Manovsel)) Let’s call this strategy, so, of course, it will be much harder.

First of all, there are several global assumptions on which I want to build the development of my portfolio to the strategic perspective.

The advantages of our country and its companies may not be so much oil and gas fields as (a)

Gref believes that in the 21st century «data is new oil.» I think that in the 21st century

And now I will go through these theses more details, if there are patient readers)) And I will bring examples of companies for each thesis, the purchase of which logically follows from this thesis.

Immediately I will say, buying some companies rely on several such strategic assumptions. What does it mean? Captain obvious suggests — such a company will need to buy it necessary))

So, let’s go.

Age of electricity

Who cares about buying on the basis of this thesis?






OK. We will analyze the second thesis.



Third thesis. Pros of our country.

(a) deposits of relevant minerals (b) fertile soils (c) huge territories (d) Fresh water reserves.





For example, in India, the increase in the cost of production of grain all recent years is primarily due to the fact that they are forced to produce water from more and deeper wells. And spend in the most literal sense more and more oil on the «swing» of water from these wells. And for more than a billion people you need sooo a lot of food.

And in China the same story. Moreover, both in India, and in China, people are richer gradually and want to eat better than before. The Chinese no longer want to eat just rice, they want meat. Do you know that in order to grow twin kilograms, you need to rain this swing of about 4-5 kilograms of grain? That is, the riching Chinese will demand exponentially more food. Where to take it? Who else has so many landstands and (which is almost more important) — so much fresh water ??? Only in Russia.



Fourth thesis.

Food and fresh water — this is a new oil


I just say that I feel sorry that none of our enterprise has not yet guessed the use of the export potential of our fresh water — would have bought shares with pleasure.

Someone would add to Cherkizovo list — I have two questions for Cherkizovo, for which it did not fall into my list. First, FREE-Float in Cherkizovo is very small. I have concerns that at any time a delising can hold. And after all, when everything is very good, such an ambush can happen. Well, the plus — my personal opinion about the quality of its products is not very high. And this also imposes an imprint to the desire to buy — in the agro line, it is necessary to invest on a strategic period — you need to believe in the issuer in all respects. In general, it is a pity that in the agro- and food sector there is not practically emitting of which it would be possible to consider. I read the materials on how the Chinese love Russian food — she has a symbol of food quality and environmentally friendly — and the desire to invest in the Russian agro- and food sector is very large.

Fifth thesis.

Processing and transferring huge data arrays



Well, — separately from strategic reasoning — the latter on the transfer, but not significantly —

I now keep in it a relatively small amount — less than a million, on a separate portfolio. When Americans definitely define and irrevocably, who will be president, I want to invest a more significant amount in the CPIF, I believe in his serious perspective. That’s it, it can make a real millionaire in the shortest possible time))