Portfolio for 35 million as I sold to Gazprom.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Well, I was a day! Through smoke fucking

The French moved like clouds,

And all on our red. «

(c) M.Yu. Lermontov

US Senate approved

In general, Soviet times remembered: while our peace-loving country looks like our «peaceful Soviet tractor» builds a pipeline, enemy hordes accrect teeth on it.

And something for me, this sudden military orientation of my investments began to inspire concern ((I kind of invested in Gazprom, and not in the UAC.

I climbed to read the analyst — hello, the cold war ((right here you «two worlds are two chaproins». All Russian «hut» promise to the next autumn Gazprom in 250-300. All American — below 200. Moreover, the section passes strictly along the State Government and Language barriers. Read analytics in Russian — Soon it is a complete northern stream -2. You read in English — never happens.

Point in my reflections put one wise Unnamed expert (Russian, by the way) well analyzed all the coming stages of the fight for the «pipe».

Before the start of each stage, sticks in the wheels from the enemies. Building at each stage — stocks fall (((everything was already tuned to the victorious solution to the issue.

So reading and counting — I found it for the best to fix the profit on Gazprom, the benefit was that it was fixed, and to win.


Just kidding, of course))) Ferizer today began vaccination in the United States. Guided by the principle of «selling in fact» decided to fix profits and on the file. He left only Gift Viartship. Firstly, it’s too nice to have gift actions — I have never had such)) And secondly, I haven’t been obvious that the shares called in honor of the Viagra can only move up — here, I suppose, and there is nothing to argue about) )

Briefly report. Gazprom sold from 203 to 207. He earned a little more than 2 million for about a month and a half. For 1 million rubles of Gazprom’s shares left — it is necessary to have a little popular doctrine in the portfolio))

Fireman sold to the bottom. Earned about 24% for nested 2 million in money — about 400 thousand. He dangled with me a little less than three months.

After such a powerful sale turned out to be with a good amount of cash — 12,895,000.

Of course, thought flashed — and not to quit everything and do not wait in Vegas? ))))

Just kidding

But it’s no joke, I purchased such … that now I will give people the opportunity to jeighte yourself in the comments)))

Have you seen friends, as an article called?

Today it was decided to buy only yellow issuers. And you can believe me — these were worthwhile.

Well, who guess the first

Of course you guessed. This is our favorite supplier of a yellow devil, unmatched and irresistible ….

PooOoolimetall !!!


Now, when gold fell a little in price and stocks of the polymetal not at the peak — it was so nice to purchase out 7 million rubles of shares of this wonderful manufacturer of precious metals.

But if everything was too obvious with the first issuer, then the name of the second, most likely, you would not guess until the night.

Because this purchase violates the principles with me, and what can you do? «Sin of sweets, and a man — a faid» argued the holy fathers and were absolutely right. This issuer was too good, so after reading the kilometers of reviews and reports — I had to highlight five million and on its purchase.

I am sure — never regretting it. In the end, a real man should not regret money for women)) Yes, yes, now you guessed, our second Issuer purchased today is «Baba» … Meet — Baba-ADR also known as Alibaba Group Holding Limited, one Of the most promising, stable and at the same time fast-growing businesses in the world. He does not pay dividends. But, fasten the heart, I had to forgive it. In the end, the company that grows by 30% year after year and does not want to stop — you can forgive much))

After all, if it is good to invest in it and for several years not to touch the embedded, then a difficult percentage will make you