Portfolio for 35 million as I choose stock

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

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Communicating with readers in the comments discussed some papers. I exchanged opinions, I told why certain papers I don’t want to see in my portfolio.

There was a thought to make a publication about this and tell readers how I make a paper choices in the portfolio.

I have only three considerations.

At first

From here, by the way,


Traders have a sad proverb «Investment is a failed speculation.» For myself, I unfolded it up to the «on the contrary» — speculation is the «fired» investment. Almost in Robert Berns «I am pleased with Small, and more — glad»))

And here I, just, I do not agree with the «Upden Sectarians» from the sect «bought and kept». This, of course, is also a strategy. But not the only right. If I have a huge number of ideas where Capital shifting, and this paper «matured» for sale — you need to sell. You can sit constantly in one paper — it is possible to sit in the fifth point, guys))) under the lying stone water does not flow.

No one suggests «jumping» from paper into paper constantly, as a spooky. And even more so — Nidayboch — fix a loss. But if this paper beats the maxima, and next to the other, which has excellent prospects and is not at all on their «hay» — well, do you really lie to the lazy to go closestly, at the same time, and the profit is accumulated? I’m not too lazy))


It seems to me that by gaining a portfolio for this principle, only the question of time when you become