Polymetal and Nickel cheap.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Give — take, beat — run.»

(c) folk wisdom

Here on the market some sales outlined — and I have, as I have called, no financial opportunities to participate in them. And they said smart people — it is always necessary to have an investment pillow in case of favorable prices. But with my shopogolism — I beg you — where I and where the investment pillow))

However, despite the fact that money from real estate that I look forward to such impatience, the depths of the bank with a drunk name «Absolut» were lost, I was still suddenly lucky. The point was again associated with a good person. As far as I am lucky in life on good people — I’m already starting to think that my guardian angel recently began to work without days off. Seriously.

The story is so beautiful that I decided to tell it — as the Eastern teachers would have written «in order to glorify the piety and to ullow the vice.»

Some time ago with your client, I made a role in not quite characteristic of me — rather an entrepreneur than a lawyer. Organized and coordinated for the client a major transaction. For the successful completion of this transaction, golden mountains promised me. That was just one nuance — the deal did not work out ((

It happens. Everything went very well, many big people were attracted to the solution of big questions — but, at the very last moment, everything went awry and, as they say, «did not come around.»

Well, and on the old woman there is a drup. That’s that. Continued to work on the legal field — as the golden mountains on the field of managers did not deserve))

And suddenly two interesting points turned out.

First, it turned out that in a somewhat modified form, my client was still able to turn this wonderful deal.

And secondly, since I filed an idea and initially worked on her structure, too, I was announced that the client announced that he would consider it right to give me a premium. Not those gold mountains, of course, about which was discussed earlier. But after all, the deal this time did not me — so I was, just say, is very surprised by such a manifestation of generosity and nobility.

In short, there was an unexpectedly hanged award. Three millions. Added five hundred thousand accumulated by the works by the righteous, and made it all today at the brokerage account.

Now I can support all purchases by Polymetal and Norilsk. And I hear in their ranks of doubt — «Maybe not yet to take a polymetal? Cheto cheap? Let’s wait for the rise in price. «))

Polymetal managed to buy directly as a doctor registered — 1500))

He took him a million. True, he didn’t reduce me very much — it hurts the position was vital.

Norilsk Nickel managed today, too, to buy another 23,762 more. And it’s good that I managed. He’s as if only I was waiting for me — I immediately jumped at 24+))

It has long been time to buy a preservation in the portfolio. And the fact that it is to consider that there is no tears alone. Now — full order. Normal position on emergency. And to see friends is not ashamed and seem to see himself. In case of case, of course, you need to buy. But where is he, the case? Only if Bayden sanctions will be charged to the correction.

Well, Rusagro — where without him — specially added to the award 500 thousand, so that both «piglets» have enough)) especially in April dividends, it seems everything calmed down on the agricultural front — 5% promise, most likely grow «piglets» for March. Well, nothing — I am ready to buy them up again — I think they still pull out to fall in such boars — everyone is surprising))

Since I took in the style of Shahryzada «To glorify piety and hardening the vice», then I want to say a few words separately about what I wrote all this today. Genre, so to speak, allows — it is possible to remove morals without uncens))

First, I wanted to tell about a good act of a good person — and then, you know, marketers say, «the dissatisfied customer writes the reviews ten times more often than satisfied.» So I want to break this trend — let’s write about good people, to write good events — the world is not only black around. I am amazed at how a person decided to generously pay for a long time rendered and not even communicated to the end — and I want you to share my admiration and joy.

Secondly, this person has an operation — maybe someone from you will wish him health with me — let the good person everything will be fine.

Well, thirdly, I wanted to personally press it right now, the same Polymetal and Norilsk, when people who read the blog are nervous, and want to see that confidence in these companies is not only empty words.

No guys, nothing has changed — in the world of paper and electronic money, which multiply with a crazy speed — real gold and silver, real platinum and palladium — this is exactly what will make you