Not for fat people dating services

Not for fat people dating services

(For those of you who haven't read the article, her text will be in block quotes, and my response as well as those from professionals in the field will follow! Though there may be negative stereotypes, staring, bullying, or crude comments, the environment we live in is one that is incredibly tolerant of unhealthy lifestyles.There are enormous portions, extreme levels of convenience, and a low priority put on physical activity (even in our schools).I am most certainly plus-size at 5'6" and 260 pounds; a size 18 in most stores. I eat well enough, I shop at our local food co-op and I own a juicer.I'm constantly on my feet at work, attending intensive African Dance classes (which I'm really f*cking great at), riding bicycles and having a sh*t ton of sex.Throwing my words out there, public and exposed, it just seemed like the right thing to do, like accountability..something.To the 2, 3, or 4 of you who might actually stumble here by accident, please excuse the simple and boring look to the site, I really have no idea what I am doing yet.

"It's really easy to say something like -- 'America is extremely accepting of fat' if you're not experiencing the brutality of fat discrimination. companies make tremendous amounts of money by both creating a 'problem' and then attempting to sell us a solution.

The article "6 Things I Don't Understand About the Fat Acceptance Movement" is an interesting read for several reasons...

One, the author is aware of some of the key components that are discussed within the movement.

I have been blogging now for about ten years, only I never called it blogging, I called it "obsessive compulsive ramblings to myself on a word processor because I can’t afford a shrink". I read a few articles on blogs, I saw Wil Wheaton on MSNBC and decided to give it a try.

It seemed a bit better than tapping away into the night on Word, isolated and alone.

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There is a ton of research out there, conducted by scientists, doctors and social scientists to prove that fat people are paid less money than their thin counter parts, that fat people receive sub-par medical care because of fat bias, that fat people are stigmatized and stereotyped in the media and that fat students are often not accepted to colleges or bullied by their educators." - Lindsey Averill, producer of Fattitude "The author obviously confuses 'profits from' and 'takes advantage of' with 'accepting of'. Weight loss and dieting is a multi-billion dollar industry. The idea of "body positivity" when used to refer to people who are hundreds of pounds overweight has always confused me.

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