My incorrect portfolio for 34 000 000

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

Well, dear readers, those who have already read on my page a couple of materials with me a little familiar. Now, it seems, it has come to introduce you to my investment portfolio. After that, it will remain to introduce you only with my cat — and we will be almost ready to be friends with families))

Why is the «wrong» portfolio ??? Because the portfolio in its current form is its transition state. As you yourself see, it does not meet the Testations of the Guru, which required to apply diversification and not get involved in individual assets. And this portfolio, on the contrary, neglects diversification and concentrated on a pair of ideas.

So, let’s start with the portfolio portfolio so to speak «in full growth.» (All screenshots were made on November 25, 2020.)

We see that Russian promotions occupy the main place. Ploy inside.

Here it is, the lack of diversification. The lion’s share is occupied

My average in Gazprom — 162 rubles. What I am very happy. When the «national treasure» is sold at this price — it is stupid to stand aside, referring to the rules of diversification. It was quite obvious to me that in anticipation of the cold winter (wishing can google the term «El Niño») gas prices should grow. And the super low price of Gazprom shares was due to unprecedented low gas prices. Moreover, «Northern Stream — 2» sooner or later, whatever sticks in the wheels inserted Americans.

In short, when the golden stream is poured — it’s stupid to take a small bucket)) I purchased Gazprom’s shares to the entire free cache in October. He was guided by the words of Buffetta that diversification is for those who do not understand what he does. Well, the recommendation of the Genius strategy of Clausevitsa — it is necessary to focus the maximum forces in the direction of the main strike.

My expectations in Gazprom have two scenarios:

In an optimistic — it is growing rapidly up to 220-240. There I fix my profit, sell the lion’s share of shares, and leave the papers for a couple of millions «for memory» (in case of their growth up to 350 — or just for the kind and slower deepends).

In pessimistic up to 220-240, it grows slowly. Then I get dividends (in 2021, so far we promise not particularly generous 4.48%) and look at the setting.

The insightful reader sees that, in principle, Gazprom in the portfolio already draws a good percentage of «paper» profits, so there is a scope for imagination.

Well, moving to

In my opinion, the company that supplies the most necessary metals for batteries during the years, when the demand for batteries will be excised, should rise in price. Therefore, Nickel shares if they sell, then only 4-5 times more expensive than they cost today.

So MMC is a purchase for a long time. I do not have any clear plan for the sale — only accessories. Fortunately — Some pleasure is sitting in these promotions — the dividends of MMC pays beautiful (I hope that the shareholder between Interros and Rusal is the largest shareholders — obliging Norilskel to pay huge dividends, will come to an end, the dividend generosity will not run out).


Tatneft Pref.

The company has not paid normal dividends, and everyone got used to them

The company is deprived of tax breaks

I have the following opinion on this:

1) Dividends The company will continue to pay good, the budget of Tatarstan needs to be replenished, so that the dividend «drought» will be completed very soon (2021 are already predicted between other huge dividends in 10.46%).

2) A company that «feeds» the budget of Tatarstan, sooner or later will receive individual tax breaks. Slowly and without noise.


The fact that LUKOIL is an excellent company, I think, even not necessary to prove anyone. I, as a former corporate lawyer, remains only for the general chorus of admiration for this company add words about how beautiful the company is managed, as well-organized in it all joint-stock and legal issues. I heard such an opinion from my colleagues that LUKOIL is the only company in Russia, fully corresponding to the highest Western standards of corporate governance. So LUKOIL is also a long dividend story in my portfolio.

Surgutneefthaz Pref




In addition to other NKNX, although it is not too consistently paying dividends — it does not pay them in some year — but shows the tendency of care for shareholders, compensating for them such a «faulty» year with generous divas in the following. In general, NKNX is my love along with Nickel — to keep and build a position to full victory))

Sberbank Pref

The remaining Russian actions lie in the portfolio of 1 lot — for the convenience of monitoring.

Let us turn to US stocks.

We have two positions there



I repeat once again — a total of 7% per annum.

In dollars.

Payments 4 times a year.

Hehe … Knowing it you still want to open a bank deposit in rubles at 4.25% per annum? )))))

Well, friends, we came to the end of the briefcase review. I will be happy to listen to your criticism or tips. After all, the exchange of experience helps each of us on a difficult path to become a real millionaire))