My first million dollars.

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«This happens in life and then not everyone has»

(C) K / f «Once at a time you do not have to»

Rockefeller said that he could report for each, earned by him a million dollars, except for the first.

I have no other than one million dollars yet, except for the first, but in its origin I, unlike Rockefeller, I can fully report — actually, the channel is dedicated to this))

As you already understood, this article is written in extremely joyful for me: against the background of a sharp rise in gas prices in Europe, my brokerage account has reached an estimate of one million dollars.

I apologize to those who have this demonstration will cause irritation — but not to highlight this important event for me on the canal I just could not. Still, really serious milestone in the life of the investor.

I hope that most readers see this is not a reason for irritation and envy, but on the contrary inspiring the real example of the fact that we can achieve good results in Russia, without being an official or rock star, but working in the office, lots of saving money and Investing them into different assets —

In the end, there were many wishes in the comments more often to give reports on the state of the portfolio. And about such a change in its condition, as the achievement of a plank in a million dollars — can not be reported))

The article will be in something motivating, I hope, but in something and unlike the normal «motivating articles».

In a normal motivating article, I would have to write a life-affirming slogan type: «If I was able to earn a million dollars, each of you will be able to.»

But this is not true. Each make a million dollars will not be able to. Someone can earn much more, and someone is much smaller. Everyone has different starting conditions and different luck in life.

However, everyone can try to «squeeze» from their starting conditions and its good luck — maximum.

Wise psychologists advise at all never compare their results with a neighbor — always only with himself yesterday. After all, the neighbor can be an Ilona mask — and you are depressed. Or, on the contrary, your neighbor is an unemployed drunkard, and you are on his background — there are already how successful and improved to you. Comparison of its results with a neighbor is the way to unnecessary sadness or inappropriate euphoria. It is more logical to try to «grow over yourself», improving your own results and competing only with yourself. It is honest, and productive.

On the other hand, from a person demonstrating a million dollars on a brokerage account, can expect some kind of history in the style of «successful success.» The pictures of how I am idle and sit in a lounger in a luxury hotel on Canaries.

This is not in my life and will not be in the article. I am closer to the ideology of modest and moderate consumption in the style of the book «Your neighbor is a millionaire.» There is a channel

True, the Son, Student Jurfak MSU, on a new sports car, with the last iPhone and in design sneakers somewhat more corresponds to the generally accepted image of «Rich Pinocchio».

«When the shoe cleaner said Rothschild:

And your son leaves me much more than you.

Economical Rothschild answered him calmly:

«Well, of course, this is the son of a millionaire, and not me.»

So there will be no pathos history of the «successful success» and the consumption of caviar and oysters. No burning life on Canar. I still work, and earn legal practices for my life and son.

Someone can ask: Well, why then at all need a million dollars, if you still work, and not to live on interest, how many dreams do? If you lead a rather modest lifestyle, and not «festivial» in full?

I will answer.

Each, of course, its own.

Someone is really very important to conduct a celebrating lifestyle.

And to someone — rightly the idea of any work is deeply unpleasant))

Everyone has their own goals and objectives.

In the absence of Capital there was another trouble — I was very worried about the future. And now I personally, I brought calm and confidence in the future. Yes, I earn a living by my work, but at any time I can stop working and nothing will happen — the question is that it will not stand to eat tomorrow. That is, the issue of loss of work / customers — or even loss of performance — is not so acute as before.

There is also no question with sudden spending — for urgent purchases or urgent surgical operations.

Capital can always be suddenly needed — I, for example, I had to take off the brokerage account in the summer of half a million rubles for unforeseen medical expenses — but in order to help in difficult times.


To the question — for what I am a million dollars, if I don’t spend it with a light? — I seem to answer.

Now I would have looked around with the permission of readers and tried to answer the question: where did he come from?

A less self-critical person here would have started to selflessly tell about how he worked hard.

But I look at life somewhat more realistic and firmly remember the folk wisdom

Everyone has to work — well, except in the rich heirs — and a million dollars receive few people from this. So here is clearly not in the same work.

In general, in my opinion, at least two factors work in the creation of capital: your efforts and your luck.

If you are not fatally lucky, you will not change these efforts. But still fatally unlucky people have little. It happens more often on folk wisdom «that brings, who and» lucky «.

Well, the opposite is also true — as if life did not sleep with luck, if you do not make conscious efforts to preserve the results of this good luck — all your successes are likely to be temporary.

For myself I see a good luck in the fact that my career was in the mountain (there is a lot of soooo much depended on the successful coincidence, because it always went to hire without protection — «from the street»). And I see my contribution to the fact that I worked, not to twist the hands, and most of the earned — postponed, and did not spend on a luxurious real estate or travel.

I will not argue — I had starting conditions better than average: good English and lawyer’s diploma

And, by the way, when we talk about «efforts» that need to be attached — then make a career and make money — it is only half of the way.

We needed earned money also to save.

I saw many successful entrepreneurs — small and «middle hand» that have earned very decent money in the best years. But they could not keep earned money — and now in the end they are sitting at a broken trough.

Also, I personally know enough people who earn more than a million dollars every year (even among my subscribers there are such people).

And far from each of them has a million. Why? And why many other people do not have on account of their annual income? Yes, because so much is cool around — real estate, cars, travel, clothes — and if something is missing, you can get a loan. What can miss a million dollars a year? And you look, how much today penthouses in the city))

Summing up.

For me, a million dollars is primarily a family capital. This is not a ticket to someone alone — for example, I am idle and unimportantly consume. It is an insurance (and pension fund) of the whole family — including my future grandchildren, I hope for the troubles and problems, and the possibility of family members with confidence to look into the future.

To live, herself healthy and reasonable people should earn their work — in order not to degrade and not turn into a monkey again. And the presence of capital allows you to safely pay an urgent surgery, quietly survive a period of disability or job search — and simply, it allows you to engage in your favorite job, and not to go to the hated only for money.

To make money, you need not only work a lot, there must also be very lucky in life — without it anywhere. But after lucky — it’s not worth letting everything at home — it makes sense to save and thoughtfully investigate what luck has you been given to you and your work — then earned enough for a long time and you and your family.

For that time, while writing an article, the market was moving and up, and down. Brokerage account became a little more than a million dollars, then a little less. But this is a normal, healthy «breathing» of the market. When the portfolio is mainly a promotion of reliable issuers that make rectors of profitability this year, to worry about anything — you can safely look at each day the recordant dividends in the results of record earnings and Gazprom in 2021. And for record dividends — who knows? — Maybe the record growth will follow. I hope these dividends and this growth of shares are not only me, but many of my readers will close to become