Most intimidating fans in hockey

Whenever checking is involved, it means that you are on the defence. That’s the kind of check that contains your opponent in an area or that removes him from the puck. In reality, checking is a tactic that requires a player to defend a part of the ice against an opponent.When you don’t have the puck, you can be on any part of the ice. It is not about knocking the player down or pushing him away.It is about containing an opponent to keep him from attacking or setting up an attack in open territory.Good checking (not hitting) is defined as restricting or directing a player to an area so that you can contain him or remove the puck from him.All the skills learned, regardless of your level, will be tested and put to work when the game is on. Teach yourself how to be more effective in any given situation.Here is a list of Defensive Individual Tactics that players need to learn to become more effective.

You would then angle him off the puck as he approaches the boards, which would eliminate the opportunity for your opponent to create a scoring chance.

Defensive tactics rely on your positioning and timing.

Since you do not have the puck and your opponent does, then you must be in the right place at the right time to either take it away from him or separate him from it. Your body placement will determine if you are successful or not in achieving the desired outcome.

That is enough time to be beaten or moved off the puck by an opponent.

Players face these scenarios every shift during a game. Some defensemen can only pivot one way and some forwards always make the same head fake in a one-on-one situation. You will see the other player actually making the first move, which will leave you open to do what you want.

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Understand that players have a limited time to decide before reacting.

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