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More dangerous than internet dating lyrics

A review by the Ministry of Defence into whether women should serve in infantry and tank regiments estimated that, on current levels of recruitment, only around seven a year would pass through training to qualify for infantry units, about fourteen would qualify for the Royal Armoured Corps and just six for the Royal Marines. It is a biological fact that the average women has a third less upper body strength and when it the comes to hand-to- hand combat - a fight to the death one-on-one; woman against a man - we will be at a physical disadvantage.Women are also twice as likely to get injured as men.When I came out, I was given command of my own troop in the Royal Engineers and served in the Army Reserve for five years.I look back on those years with a huge sense of achievement, pride and affection.My favourite game was to climb over our neighbours’ fences, cutting through people’s gardens, sneaking through their open back doors and slipping out the front, unnoticed. When I went to university, it felt like a natural progression to join the Army Reserve.I spent two years as an officer trainee, won my unit’s award as best woman officer cadet and was selected to go to Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.These units do see direct combat, but the soldiers are 'mounted' in fighting vehicles, so there is less physical fitness required and they do not engage in hand-to-hand combat unless their vehicle is disabled and over-run by the enemy.I’d suggest that the Prime Minister and army chiefs take a more measured approach and initially open up such regiments to women, monitoring that for a few years before making any further decisions about the infantry.

A captured female soldier would be gold dust for their global radicalisation campaign.Are we really ready to see our daughters gang raped, tortured and decapitated live on the Internet by Isil fighters?Because that is exactly what will happen if a female front line soldier is captured in Syria.They have been a huge asset; serving with expertise, valour and distinction and gaining enormous respect from their male colleagues.But, until now, they have not been able to join combat units – those with the primary aim of killing the enemy.

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