Monetary perpetuum mobile.

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«Tell me, Shura, honestly, how much do you need money for happiness? — asked Ostap «

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From early childhood, I had a very simple idea. From the very moment I learned from my parents that money can be put in Sberkass. Under 3% per annum. Inflation then did not exist (at least in my unlucky brain of the second-grader) and I thought about such a thing.

If one hundred thousand rubles is put in Sberkassa for 3% per annum, then every year will pay three thousand rubles. Three thousand rubles are 250 rubles per month. These are two salaries. Small, but still. The usual Soviet salary of engineers or teachers (Mom was an engineer). That is, Mom could not go to work. And, probably, dad too.

We could spend all days to spend time together, the whole family. It would be especially classified in the summer — when I have a vacation at school — I have a vacation three months, and your parents do not work. You can go hiking on bikes. With tents. For all three months.

Just need to take one hundred thousand rubles somewhere to start — and then everything is no longer difficult: carefree life with parents per interest, great, hiking, tents))

Moreover, the extraction of these most cherished hundred thousand looked — like everything in childhood — not so imputible plan.

I reasoned like that. Here I have in my pocket — a simple Soviet schoolboy — there was a grivennik given by the parents. Ten kopecks. I knew that in the city of Hero, Moscow lived at that time eight million people. And I seemed to me quite a simple matter that if on some day all these eight million people would throw on ten kopecks, then much eight hundred thousand rubles will be rotated. It would be enough to make it takes not only me, but also seven of the same schoolchildren and their parents. It’s small — to organize people for this good thing))


By the way, I never see anything bad in the very idea of the lottery. If only it was carried out truly honestly, and not as we see in recent years, unfortunately. The idea of the lottery seems to me a good «valve» and psychological bullet. Still, she gives, although mathematically tiny, but the chance is absolutely any person to become rich. I repeat once again — in case it is honest.

In short, as a child, I was frustrated that my parents spend so much time for making money, and to go together to the river or go to the hike in bicycles — they had almost no time.

When I became older, it turned out that not only my mind occupied the problem of the disproportion of time, which is spent by people for the extraction of «ugly bread».

Actually, if you look at my children’s dreams from the height of modern knowledge — it is clear that in my head the idea of something that then smart people would formulate, in the form of the ideas of FIRE movement (Financial Independence Retire Early — Financial Independence Early Pension). I wanted to see parents free from working duties and having the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the family.

Balzac (if I’m not mistaken) believed that a person who had no six thousand franc annual income should only think about money. And having received such an income — no longer think about money at all. The idea, in fact, overcome the dependence on money, as if overcome the first tier of the pyramid of the oil. And go to more elevated tasks.

By the way, in this plan I really like the Forrest Gump. Remember when in the film he is reported that he became very rich, he just such a replica and reacts to this news — «


What do we have about the money perpetuum mobile?

Is it possible to create a financial «perpetual engine»? How should he work what principles should lie on its basis?

Let’s deal with.

To begin with, as usual, it would be nice to deal with the definition.

What will we consider the money «Eternal Engine»?

Just the car on infinite reproduction of money is not so difficult.

It is enough to buy a bond and put it on the account. And after its repayment to buy a new one. Formally, the body of the contribution will be «forever», and coupons can even be considered an additional «energy».

Ready? Suitable «car» turned out? In my opinion — not particularly (((

But it is obvious that we have not spoken about such a «spherical perpetuum mobile in Vacuum.»

Let’s put forward normal human requirements for our money perpetuum mobile.

I suggest such.

Monetary «Eternal Engine» should

Now we have a rather understandable list of requirements for our typewriter.

We look at how to achieve it.

We can contact Western and Russian experience and try to make indicative estimates.

Western experience, where supporters of the Fire movement have long made all the credits in their dollar reality says the following:

Approximately 4% can be removed from their capital without fear to destroy it after entering an independent pension. Here, however, it is necessary to understand that when they say about the withdrawal of 4%, they never have the fact that capital will continue to remain in immunity. They mean that capital can sometimes decrease, but not too much — it is still enough for you, given that in other years it will «grow up.» That is, for our concept «Perpetuum Mobile» 4% of the withdrawal (in dollar equivalent) would be an excessive number leading sometimes to capital drawdown.

Western stock market experience says that by about 7% per year, the stock market is growing at a long period.

And what does Russian experience tell us?

15% on average, the Russian stock market is growing in the last 20 years, but most experts converge on the fact that such high rates are unlikely to be preserved the next 20 years.

At the same time, the Russian market is traditionally characterized by a high dividend yield, which, of course, cannot also be guaranteed for the future.

Let’s try to disassemble the example.

We will argue in the format of the Russian market.

So, we have a simple Russian engineer Yemely Handowelova, who conceived to move away from affairs before 65 years.

The guy lives by 50 thousand rubles per month.

Question: What power is a cash perpetuum mobile?

We consider our requirements (see above).

TOTAL. Emele needed capital, which minus 5% (for reinvesting) will give him 600 thousand annual income.

It turns out that with dividend income in 10% of Emele, 11 million rubles will be required. (1.1 million rubles of income of which 500 thousand will go to reinvestment — to cover inflation, and 600 to life).

But it is hardly reasonable to count on such a high dividend income, so most likely to talk about a higher amount. Then our engineer could not unscrew his «miracle machine» on such limitations))

These are these counts. Since the author of hopeless humanitarian — arithmetic errors are not excluded — say if you find.

What I like most is the idea of the fact that from some moment the money starts to earn new money and this process becomes almost irreversible.

Moreover, the most wonderful point comes when the owner’s labor participation is no longer required — only wise instructions, what shares or other securities to buy. Let’s hardly work hard to come as early as possible — the moment when we become