Modern slavery.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

Most people with the word «slavery» appear bizarre associations: shackles, plantations chained in the chains of slaves, supervisors with whips, spanking at the post and other horrors pemppeded in the series «Slave Izaura» and famous from the pictures of history history in school.

Meanwhile, everything is much more prosaic.

The slave from ancient times is just the one who works and does not receive everything that he as a result of this work has grown (or bye, produced, etc.). If we speak almost Marxist terms — who works and does not have the ability to assign themselves their surplus product.

In general, the opinion of many people that the institution of slavery was canceled in the modern world due to mitigation of morals seems to me more than naive.

First, in my opinion it was not canceled, but improved. The fact that we all working on Uncle are slaves — see above.

Secondly, there was only a way to force slaves to work. Earlier, the supervisors ran and swung the whips. It turned out twice inefficiently — the supervisors themselves did not work, but only the twars of Mahali. Yes, and slaves narrowed to lean, as they could. Slave owners wisdom. It turned out that if instead of the supervisors, use such tools as: a pack of money, mortgage, public opinion, etc., then slaves themselves will plow very diligently, and the supervisors instead of loafers will also become pahahars. Very convenient and cost effective))) and I am deeply convinced — if tomorrow will come up with a way to strengthen labor productivity with the help of a whip — then the day after tomorrow will make appropriate changes in the Labor Code and in the offices will begin in the evenings to smoke employees from the pillar)) I hope there are no readers among my readers Naive people who believes that humanism and humans will stop someone?

Well? What out of all this? How in the old Soviet poem about the factory?

«And if the unbearable

In the hearts, squeeze the fist,

Gain gains to go

Raise the red flag … «

No, comrades, as Vladimir Ilyich said, «We will go to another», good, now this way is open to everyone, that’s just go on it. — Not everyone has enough mind and patience.

Since unfortunately, the system remained slaved, then it is necessary to somehow slowly move from slaves to slave owners. At least try your children from this bondage. And what path is for this open for the usual average person? How to stop working for hiring? Well, or at least stop so much depend on this hiring? If you are a talented entrepreneur — here the answer is clear — you are the owner yourself, create a business and work. But the usual middle person what to do? Here, for example — if I have absolutely no entrepreneurial abilities …

The way out, in my opinion, is only one — acquire shares. There is no other way from financial slavery to freedom.

It is necessary to become the owner of the business that someone created another, since you are not able to create this business itself.

And then in this cruel slave world, which surrounds us, the picture for you is radically changing.

Just imagine…

You bought Nickel shares and now …. In the dark and cold Norilsk mines, people working for you mined for you platinum, copper, nickel, palladium and cobalt.

You bought Rusagro’s shares and now … under the scorching sun and under the torrential rain, the peasants are plowing and fertilized, sow and are stolen, bent your backs and harvest for you.

You bought Gazprom’s shares and now … Under the burning frosty wind, dubbing from unbearable cold people drill well to get gas for you.

You bought Shares Nizhnekamskneftechima and now … People working for you inhale poisonous miasms of terrible evaporation to release for you the best synthetic rubber in the world.

And you … You just sit around the terminal … Or even in a lounge chair, on the seashore, look into the sunset, you lead a secular conversation, you think about the beautiful and think about how the world is wonderful, where you can buy stocks.

Stocks that will make you first just financially free, then rich, and then (who knows?) Maybe