Mini post of joy and gratitude

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

only for their own))

I want to share my joy in this small post and thank you so many people.

Just a little more than two weeks ago, I began my existence of the channel «Unrealmillionaire», but an important stage was already completed in the life of each channel on Zen — the channel was allowed to monetization. It’s almost like a person’s age))

My monetization has not yet connected, and for the most funny reason. As it takes in all the proverbs, the situation «Supozhnik without boots» originated — the lawyer has no documents)) I don’t remember paper reduss from time immemorial times — always there are enough Cupins. But the uncompromising Yandex demanded the photo of the original, so that with monetization while there are no longer — enjoy the channel without advertising))

I am very pleased that the channel so quickly reached this turn — such a sign of readership is very inspired))

Dear readers and especially commentators! How am I grateful to you that you are that! How much I heard warnings from experienced senior marsheods, who told me toxic and harmful commentators. Yes, and I myself saw these terrible moves and pouring each other with dirt on other channels. So far, our community with you on the channel «Unreal Millioner» is distinguished by completely different manners)) Let’s all try to keep this warm environment for sharing information, ideas and experience in which it is nice. Each of you put a hand to the atmosphere to be just such and each of you I want to say for it. «

Separate words of gratitude I want to pronounce Alexander, author of the author of the channel «Portrait-Investor». In the first days after the start of work on your blog, I did not see the audience at all and it became sad for me ((I think that since the Major did not go to Magomet, then you need to go to the mountain — I went to search for this very audience myself))) where it is Is it cool? Why not read my channel? I decided that I have a great idea to knock on the authors whose channels I have been reading and invited them to read my channel. The thought seemed to me assessed — since I love their content, then we are spiritually close people, perhaps and they will like my content))).

With this unwitting plan, I knocked to Alexander in a personal and began to lure him to myself on the light))) So, Alexander turned out to be so sensitive to the problems of novice Dzenovtsev, which decided to tell about my channel in my blog. I emphasize — it was myself I decided — I would not have enough arrogance to ask, then without a week without a week, and then I went on foot on the table))) Thanks to Alexander — after mentioning his channel, readers have noticeably added.

For my part, I want to say «Alaverda» — Alexandra has a very interesting channel «Portrait-Investor» called, and Alexander himself is absolutely an extraordinary person. He decided to engage in investment, accumulated, working by a loader (!!!) for a couple of years Million (!!!) rubles, now he came to conquer Moscow — and I am sure with his hardworking, he will all succeed. The wish from me and from all his regular readers — in addition to the state of the portfolio more writing about himself, what happens at work, personal relationships with the team and bosses, career, etc. Still, Alexander is already a star of the series, which his subscribers are watching not the first month and are very worried about him.

Still, probably everyone will be surprised, but I have already managed to pessimize the article. That’s how. This was unlucky article. Her fate was pessimized — therefore it was pessimized twice, despite the resistance — after the second time I gave up))


I forgot that I am writing on Zen, and check the text not philologists, and the proverb, about how one sheep spoils the whole herd checking did not know. The subtitle, apparently, was considered abusive and the article went to pessimization.

But I did not despair. I realized that it was not «cool», I looked at her under the microscope, I realized that it was not like that I didn’t like the philologically uneducated verifier and decided to fix everything.

Shah and Mat (((I fixed everything wrong (((I deleted the article and posted it again with another title. Now I have broken the other rule of Zen — «posted a re-previously placed material.» Algorithm and his priests without difference that «previously placed Material «Also, mine, that I posted it a few hours before the removal — that is, I don’t try to post an article after a few months.

I was declared — the sentence is final, the article is pessimized forever and nothing about it is impossible to do anything, many centuries, Amen.

Where did I know all these candy soul, you ask you, you ask? And I tightly sat down on the ears of tech support and voted everything that you have long wanted to know about pessimization, but shy to ask adults))

O! I forgot, this is a post not complaints and thanks — technical support answered very quickly))) I read on Zen that people are waiting for a response for several days — I was responsible for several hours.

So thank and tech support — at least «the old woman who tormented the old woman …» I very quickly found out that nothing could be done)))

But you, friends, proved that nothing about «do nothing» technical support was not the right — the appeals from the article is not enough — but at the dofiga views. Here it is, our answer is Chamberlain))))

I hope dear readers and commentators that in the future our joint communication will not only be pleasant, but also useful and help us become real millionaires))