25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Mister Twister, Millioner,

Owner of factories, newspapers, steamboats … «

(C) S. Marshak

As I used to simply, I, by the way, still found these blessed times — it was enough to say about the man «he is a millionaire» and immediately everything was clear with his material situation.

And what, by the way, was it clear? And it was clear that the money of this secured individual is literally enough for everything — on any quirks and any joy of life.

Moreover, it concerned not only foreign millionaires who had a million dollars or, for example, which was then the popularity of Doych Marks. When the confined investigators of Gdlyan and Ivanov exposed our, Soviet, underground millionaires, it was also clear — such an unimaginable amount as a million rubles to spend and for the whole life unrealistic, whatever rampant lifestyle you did not begin to lead.

So the sum of a million rubles shocked the imagination of a simple Soviet person is not weaker than a million dollars. It was unimaginable, gigantic, unreal amount.

The word «millionaire» was not just synonymous with the word «rich». No. A man with a much smaller condition could be rich. And the millionaire is a person not just rich, but fabulously and unimaginably rich. Rich so much that literally any fantasies can satisfy their material.

That is how we perceived it. So this perception and literature consolidated us: there are just rich merchants and landowners, and there are millionaires who are generally bathed in money.

The first blow to our perception of this wonderful word was hyperinflation of the nineties. Prices grew not by day, but by the hour. Earnings though lagged behind prices, but they also grow up. As a result, each of those who lived at the time, managed to be «millionaire.» I take this word in quotes — if my will, I would take into a more big quotes. God forbid anyone in this way in the millionaires to sign up — when the salary is in millions, and loaf of bread — in thousands of rubles is estimated.

In those days, in order to somehow distinguish our homegrown salary millionaires from more or less really rich people, the term «dollar millionaire» arose.

What is interesting — after the denomination of the ruble, when a million rubles began to submit a fairly decent amount, the term «dollar millionaire» still did not disappear, but began to be used to distinguish with just wealthy people («ruble millionaires») from very rich people (» dollar millionaires «).

And what is there in the West?

There with millionaires, too, not everything is smooth. We, the affected scales of their hyperinflation in the nineties, it seems that the dollar is still unshakable. Meanwhile, inflation in the dollar is also inexorable steps.

We generally speaking about inflation, often forget that the same accumulative formulas of a complex percentage are applicable to it as the capital gains. Only in the case of inflation — the capital (due to the complex percentage) is increasing, and not growing.

A simple example. If inflation over a hundred years will be 1% each year, then the total price increase, due to the effect of a complex percentage, will not plus 100% to the original (as it seems intuitive), and plus as much as 170%.

I repeat once again — this is only one percent per year in inflation.

As you understand, even in dollars inflation was much higher.

According to estimates from different economists, the dollar has lost from 1913 to the present day from 98 to 99 percent of its purchasing power.

At first glance, this opinion of economists looks absurd and absolutely unrealistic, however, when you remember that in 1913 the ounce of gold cost $ 20, and in 2020, the same oz was already 2 dollars (just a hundred times more) then the calculations of economists Start look more or less fair.

What does it mean?

This means that when we read in the work of a century ago (conditional Jack London, for example) about a person who found gold on Klondike and helped Million for him (he became a millionaire at that time), then

This is the amount (in terms of today’s money) walked for the word «millionaire» in the books of our childhood. The amount and today is an impressive and really giving an opportunity absolutely nothing to refuse))

After such counts, by the way, it ceases to amaze, as in old literary works, people were ready to leave on peace, having only fifty thousand dollars of savings — now you understand that at current times it is five million dollars. Not such a small amount for pension capital, just say))

So it turns out under the influence of inflation, that in 1933, when Marshak writes the poem «Mr. Twister», the poet is enough to say about the American tourist that he is a millionaire. And it is clear to everyone that this rich has money to «factories, newspapers, steamboats.» And in our blessed 2021, a million dollars are not the fact that the factory is not every apartment in Moscow you can afford))

Therefore, as inflation changes the value of money, we have new words in speech to designate rich people: «Multimillioner» and «billionaire» — the latter in the world is more than two thousand, by the way. And the word «Millionaire» began to carry a much less bright image — «Skeidka and morning» occurred, as the employees of the Soviet trade would say.

Well, moving, to the conclusions, you see, the good and appetizing word «millionaire» in our time under the inflation (both ruble and dollar) has cheaper significantly. Now, to remember what it actually meant, have to contact images from literature or from childhood. Well, or clarify for yourself and for readers — «This Millionaire»)))

Millionaire … And yet I still like this word. There is something pleasant in this word. And I hope someone from readers, making successful investments, will eventually become a millionaire. Most.