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Remembering the negative aspects of your marriage can go a long way in helping alleviate any the unpleasant idea of him/her dating again. I’m sure you’ve heard that saying, “The best revenge is living well.” Well, it’s true!If you are feeling jealous, the last thing you want is for your ex to know.She’s even written about 10 Ways to Pray for Your Husband (I love that woman so much…!) Side note, this dialog on our Facebook page was interesting and encouraging!And, if you've not moved on to a new relationship of your own, your jealousy may stem from the mere fact that they have. Keeping this in mind will help you to accept the changes that have come as a result and the confusing feelings you are having over your ex dating again.Every time you experience a negative reaction to your ex dating, stop and go through the list of reasons you are no longer married. Is it possible you are uncomfortable with the idea of your ex dating because you are stuck and unable to move forward with your life?This tendency to forget is probably because we haven’t had the deep revelation of what prayer is and why we do it. Ok, so we’re hopefully on the same page about prayer. As I’ve stated before, I’m not exactly a black-belt in praying.

When it comes to any relationship, communication and the action of constant pursuit is key.

Instead of focusing on what he/she is doing, focus on living the best life you can and before you know it, you won’t be concerned with whether or not your ex is dating.5. The relationship that you had with your ex will never be reproduced with anyone else.

Each relationship between two people is different, and what you had together during your marriage will never be reproduced with someone else.

Checking for secretiveness Listening to what is said Noticing the red flags Asking your boyfriend or girlfriend to explain Community Q&A A cheating boyfriend or girlfriend is something we worry about. Does he love you and if the answer is yes, then he is not cheating and all these signs are from typical lying fools and you should spend your day thinking of all the positives things he or she does for you and how much they love you.

Perhaps he does have to work late, or the strange girl in your bathroom is his sister, but here are some sure signals to find a cheating significant other. Ask yourself before you put yourself through all this stuff.

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I’ve found that I need to follow a logical progression for how I cover my bride with prayer. As you pray for your spouse, make sure to pray for: 1: Their Heart I don’t mean their physical heart, but their general softness of heart toward God and the Holy Spirit.

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