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The challenge to keep reconstruction programs, even those operating within the same geographical boundaries, organized and coordinated is a need that is well-recognized in the post-conflict community.As the scope and the number of organizations involved in peacebuilding has increased in the past 15 years, problems ranging from logistical challenges to turf battles have resulted.As coordination problems cropped up between governmental and non-governmental actors, between military and civilian actors, and even within sprawling international organizations such as the UN itself, the United Nations finally addressed the issue of organizational harmonization by creating a Peacekeeping Commission, which is designed to bring a greater sense of coherence to state-building agencies located within and outside of the UN (United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, 2005).

Over the course of this four-part series, this author seeks to achieve four distinct yet complementary objectives.The first and foundational article of this series synthesizes existing academic knowledge to more fully understand the far-reaching impacts of civil conflict on societies, which in turn informs our understanding of the peacebuilding process ("The Cost of Conflict: Understanding the Ramifications of Internal Warfare").The second article builds upon this knowledge, as principles of post-conflict coordination are introduced with the aim of demonstrating how increased coordination and cooperation could greatly improve existing efforts ("The Coordination Quandary: Applications and Implications of Post-Conflict Coordination Principles").As we consider the assorted and interlocking roles of international organizations in peacebuilding, this author believes that improvements in the coordination of international efforts should be a priority for peacebuilders.In order to substantiate this position, this article will in turn examine the need for post-conflict coordination, principles of post-conflict coordination, and finally, applications of post-conflict coordination.

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Though the design of this Commission allows it to support the flexible and innovative nature of the large state-building network, its mandate also forces it to have the full support of every member before it can make a recommendation (United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, 2005), thus raising questions about whether the Peacebuilding Commission will truly be able to iron out differences between international agencies.

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