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I also think that this deteriation is why sex becomes too much the motive. It dominates the theme too much and overwhelms them. More than once I’ve said that I don’t want anything to do with them. She has so many ‘special requirements’ and crap that you must do just before some of them will even speak to you.

I found that foreign girls are often the easiest girls to get along with . How many times have I talked to a girl just to be friendly and they close right up. I believe that THE HELP WE NEED MOST IS FROM THE FEMALES THEMSELVES.

And it extends to such things as dogs, automobiles, music, natural scenery, as well as to women.

And it clearly suggests a major reason as to why most love-shy men could never be really well satisfied—particularly since their own level of physical attractiveness tends to be at least somewhat below average.

I originally wrote this in a forum for those of us who have problems with love shyness.) I sometimes get the impression that there has not been enough reflection on why some of us are reluctant to approach females. What would make it so that a small proportion of the male population could not ‘make the move’? To me, this is the “condition” of being Love-Shy: THE SITUATION WHERE THERE IS A “SOMETHING” THAT PREVENTS THE MALE FROM APPROACHING THE FEMALE.

This is something that, you would think, would be instinctual? There is a tendency to say it is ‘out of fear’ or whatnot which, though it may make sense and be true for some, it isn’t true for others and tends to be very simplistic. The variable of the “condition” is the “something”. I do not believe there is one “something” for everyone, but a multitude varying with the wide variety of character of guys out there.

GETTING RID OF THE SHELL GET’S RID OF HALF THE BATTLE, it seems to me. In many ways, breaking through the shell is the first step to dating and one of the hardest. For me, at least, it becomes an impenetrable barrier, the one the female never lets down. We are now an appendage to a machine, a cog in the wheel, and a number.In the past generations, a male and female were both required to live. I’ve always felt this shows that there is more to relationships than just sex, love, friendship, and all that.Relationships are cemented by an economic and practical need as well.For others, I suppose, it could be one issue, plain and simple.After observing myself and others I have noticed certain ‘somethings’ which seem to either cause the love-shy type of condition or help it out.

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– An INABILITY TO RELATE OR UNDERSTAND THE FEMALE MIND AND MENTALITY. – Remember that some girls CAN’T RELATE WITH US as well. But what am I supposed to do about something I can’t see? – It also seems that FEMALES, NOWADAYS, ARE MORE NARROW MINDED, MAKING IT HARDER TO ASSOCIATE WITH. – A FEAR OF BEING CONTROLLED OR DOMINATED BY THE FEMALE. That’s just how it is for some people, nobody really knows why. For me, the passion is just so big it’s ‘beyond me’ and seems out of my control.

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