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New Rule: You can attach larger complying development ‘ancillary structures’ (garages, carports, sheds and the like) to a .

The attached structures must themselves meet the general complying SEPP legislation such as minimum landscaping, adequate drainage and other controls, but they can be attached to a granny flat with reasonable heights.

For example, if you owned a block of land which contained two smaller lots with two six-metre wide lots, you didn’t qualify under the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP legislation.

New Rule: You can now calculate the combination of lot-widths, site areas and other prescriptive together so the entire (combined) lot dimensions can be used to calculate setbacks. The final point is that you still cannot build over an easement, like a drainage easement.

There are a few relevant changes; some good and some not so good in our view.

Previous Rule: If you owned a parcel of land which contained two or more lots, the calculations for setbacks and distances were limited to each block of land.

Please add a one-time donation to help fund our most urgent campaigns to fight discrimination and expand LGBTQ rights.Previous Rule: There was much confusion as to whether an attached structure (carport, garage, shed, patio, awning etc) could be approved as complying development, with many Council’s interpreting that only ‘exempt development’ structures could be attached to granny flats. for example that only a 20 sq m shed could be attqached and it had to have a height of 3 metres only.This created structural and aesthetic issues for the developer.m in area, you could only convert a portion within the existing dwelling house in to a granny flat.This meant you couldn’t extend your house to add an attached granny flat if the property was under 450 sq m in area.

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New Rule: You can now extend your main dwelling to create an attached granny flat even if the site is less than 450 square meters.

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