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Laws against dating minors in california

Tanya Rivero interviews Georgia Wells, WSJ video, 12-7-16) Advocacy groups allege that Internet-connected toys, including several children's dolls, pose a privacy risk to consumers.

Is Genesis Toys recording children's voices and what they say, without parental knowledge or consent?

While not always obvious, websites commonly allow other companies to track user behavior.

Your Digital Trail: Does The Fourth Amendment Protect Us?

Edward Snowden Explains How To Reclaim Your Privacy (Michah Lee, The Intercept, 11-12-15) A simple step to make news sites more secure (Susan Mc Gregor, CJR, 12-5-16) "The vast majority of mainstream news organizations still publish to HTTP domains, making it impossible to guarantee either their readers privacy or the authenticity and accuracy of what those readers are seeing.

News sites that publish on HTTPS domains, however, can guarantee all of thiswithout additional effort from users." A good explanation of information I didn't realize I needed!

Your Digital Trail: Private Company Access (Daniel Zwerdling, NPR, 10-1-13) Data we voluntarily provide online such as on dating websites may not stay with that site. VPN Benefits Explained (Claudio R., Anonymster, 1-18-17) A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is basically a series of computers networked together over the Internet, so you bypass the server of your ISP (internet service provider), so that nobody can snoop into your personal affairs.Privacy Journal (Robert Ellis Smith's newsletter on personal privacy, online and elsewhere)Privacy.Give Me Back My Online Privacy (Elizabeth Doskin, WSJ, 3-23-14), Internet users tap tech tools that protect them from prying eyes.How to Invent a Person Online (Curtis Wallen, Atlantic, 7-23-14).

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