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Snaptrap hatches a plan—to make Dudley act so crazy that Chief will be forced to fire him. However, Dudley somehow accidentally alters the course of time and creates Petropolis in which the malevolent Snaptrap rules and everyone at the agency works for him it is up to Dudley to save Petropolis. Unfortunately, he develops a form of amnesia which has him believing he's the Chief, Kitty, Keswick, and Snaptrap. "Hot Dog" Dudley's entered the Petropolis Dog Show, but when his finely coiffed fur interferes with his ability to be a T. agent who overhears Snaptrap's latest diabolical plan. Dudley can't wait – he'll get to do all the things he doesn't do! agents realize it's the Chameleon who has turned them against each other in an effort to further his own ambitions of domination(and to also get revenge on D. for not inviting the Chameleon to their Ice Cream parties)."Snapnapped": Keswick is convinced by Snaptrap to build D. F headquarters for good."Mall Rat": After spending time in prison, Snaptrap convinces the T. "Operation: Happy Birthday": Dudley is determined to give Kitty the best birthday of her life, so he plans a surprise party at T. M.'s ill-mannered supreme leader, from enslaving all of the rats in Petropolis.

The first two seasons consist of 26 episodes and the third season consists of 8 episodes, for a total of 60 episodes. The heroic super agents team up to stop Verminious Snaptrap, D. Together Dudley and Kitty promise to be quite an imposing crime-fighting duo. "Puppy Love": Dudley gets a crush for the new temp at T. Things could not get any worse, or so Dudley thinks, until Snaptrap is inspired by his new girlfriend to turn a new leaf upside down and becomes the newest member of T. "The Wrong Stuff": Kitty's old partner, Jack Rabbit, tries to recruit Kitty to work for him at his new secret agency S. Once again, it's up to the fearless heroes to foil each crime before their identities are discovered."Watch Dog": Using a time travel watch, Dudley tries to go back to the past to outwit Kitty for the last doughnut left in the T. "Snap Dad": Snaptrap and Dudley's mother, Peg, have fallen in love. F."Iron Mutt": Keswick builds a large body suit that Dudley wore, and refuse to take off, to make him Petropolis's most popular hero, but when all the fame gets to his head, it is up to Kitty to deflate his huge body and save Petropolis. "The Spelling Bee": The Wanna-bee snatches all the kids at the spelling bee and challenges Dudley to a spelling competition. "Flower Power": Birdbrain finds a rare flower that makes him indestructible. Note: This episode aired on Nickelodeon in Australia, New Zealand and Latin America before airing in the US.

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"Dog Save the Queen": When the Chameleon threatens to relieve the Queen of England of her Crown Jewels, Dudley and Kitty are called in to assist B.

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