Jw dating

Jw dating

His daughter and I have been dating for about a year and a half.

As long as you are NOT a JW her relationship with you will be frowned upon and some of the JWs in her congregation will shun her as long as YOU are not coming to the meetings or showing interest in the Watchtower organization.This will make her father look good, and make his daughter look good.The other JWs in the congregation will say: "Look at the good fruit Jehovah is producing through this relationship!Are you aware that the New World Translation was translated with the help of a "spirit medium"? This is only a suggestion, but if it were me, I would put a stop to that Bible study right now, before you get yourself in to deep and there is no way out!Little by little, you are being eased right into the clutches of a cult and if you do not do something about it right now, then your heart could cause you to give in to the wishes of her father. Or does she hope to "mold" you into the man she wants you to be? What would happen if you were to invite her to your church?

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", and then you are "toast" as far as having any freedom in your life.

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    "Separation made me realize that I wanted my husband and family and I was willing to do whatever it took to make it work," she says.

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