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LRE is a proven way of improving yoimger people's self-image, their attitudes, and their knowledge about law and govern- ment.The experience of himdreds of com- mimities, large and small, shows that LRE can make a difference.The lessons encourage interactive and cooperative learning through the methods of brainstorming, hypotheticals and case studies, role playing and simulation, group activities, and opinion polls.Each lesson plan specifies the required number of class periods, the objectives, and procedures.ERi C UPSICEL — LRE: Challenging Studen U With the Law Introduction Delinquency Prevention Another key aspect of law-related educa- tion is that when it is properly taught, it reduces delinquency and leads to positive citizenship behavior.The Center for Action Research identified six criteria for effective LRE programs.

[Statement adapted from the Winter 1983 LRE Project Exchange, "Why Lawyers Must Care About LRE,'* published by the American Bar Association.] LRE teaches young people how the legal and political systems function and — most of a U — how they fit in.

DOCUMENT RESUME ED 388 536 SO 025 101 AUTHOR TITLE INSTITUTION SPONS AGENCY PUB DATE NOTE AVAILABLE FROM PUB TYPE Gold, Julia Ann; And Others Challenging Students with the Law. University of Puget Sound School of Law, Institute for Citizen Education in the Law, 950 Broadway Plaza, Tacoma, WA 98A02-4470.

An Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Gifted and Talented Students at the Upper Elementary and Middle School Level s . Guides - Classroom Use - Teaching Guides (For Teacher) (052) EDRS PRICE MF02/PC21 Plus Postage.

Why have, certain legal procedures been established and how well have they worked in resolving disputes?

LRE is about real issues as they affect real people: little people and big people.

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The guide begins with a definition of LRE, its objectives and methods, and its place in the general school curriculum.

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