Is it too early for children on the stock exchange from 12 years?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Early sit down — you will come out before»

(C) folk wisdom

Our native Central Bank made an interesting initiative. The Central Bank proposes to let children on the stock exchange from 12 years.

First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Sergei Shvetsov at St. Petersburg Forum struck the people with a fresh idea to revitalize the Russian securities market and promoting financial education into the masses.

And let’s, says Mr. Shvetsov, let the children from 12 years to trade on the stock exchange of securities? The world now, as the Schvets citizen noted,

So they need them (teenagers) to put on the stock exchange, because (according to the interesting opinion of Mr. Shvetsov)

I was very interested in the point of view of Mr. Shvetsov on the topic of what people come to the securities market. I still expected some mundane from the banker. Mercantility even. And here it is so sublime: «For the sake of knowledge and experience.» Anecdote I remembered the old:

When two people meet on the market, one of which has experience, and the other is money, then after the meeting of the one who had experience — the amount of money is added. And the one who had money — gets experience.

And although many people in the money market do not earn their work as a result of their work (even losing many that there is a sin there), but such wonderful enthusiasts, which were initially only «for the sake of knowledge and experience», they only saw the Schvetsov.

Okay, leave Schvetsov and his «spherical investors in vacuum» who go to the market as to university — knowledge and experience gaining. Let’s go back to the idea. Surely not the sewers himself came up with her. We instructed a person to voice the position of the Central Bank. And the position of the Central Bank — you give children the opportunity from 12 years to work on the stock exchange (most of the media, by the way, came out with the title, where in Freuda correctly wrote «The Central Bank wants to allow children from 12 years to play the stock exchange. Do not work — play).

What to say about such a wonderful initiative of the Central Bank?

Here in the two words do not meet.

Not so easy to find a person who with great enthusiasm relates to the enlightenment of children in financial literacy than me.

In my opinion, the lack of primary financial education is an annoying gap in our school system, which parents are simply obliged to fill up: with the help of special literature, with the help of tutors (God forbid, these will appear) or courses. Somehow it is necessary to explain to children:

What is the financial system,

how it functions,

What are banks,

How loans work,

How these loans drive people to Kabalu,

What are stocks and bonds,

How to make savings

How properly invested savings can make these children with time financially independent people.


My son could still be clearly explained to the school than the action differs from the bond. I think to realize any child to any child — there would be teachers.

So I am for the financial education of children from the very early age.

And you think it means that I support the initiative of our central bank to admit children from 12 years to trades on the stock exchange ???

That’s not!

I am categorically opposed and consider this initiative in the root of incorrect and harmful to the investment climate in the country for the strategic perspective.

I will try to justify my position.

First, this is a barbaric way to obtain experience


Third, having received such a «vaccination» in childhood, children will not go to the stock exchange in adulthood

Then it will be very difficult to convince a person again to try to enter the securities market and start to invest you truly. After all, he will seem that he has already tried. And he did not try. After all, in childhood, in childhood, on the babble of the Central Bank played in the market in a gaming game (and speculation is only a gambling and nothing more). In a gambling game (surprise surprise!) Only a casino wins.

That’s just

Well (instead of the fourth point) as a cherry on the cake — problems of inconsistencies of this initiative of the Central Bank with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

For example, how will the question be resolved with the lack of a child in 12 years of passport? This is an entertaining quest, for anyone who tried to open a brokerage account. As a person to confirm? «Mustache, paws, tail» (s) ???

Sum up

Financial education of children — from early age — it is beautiful and very important.

Provide children the opportunity to «play» on the stock exchange (and in 12 years they can only play a gambling game, like any other speculators) is a matter that has nothing to do with the noble matter of financial education.

Actually, it concerns us, adults — more excerpts. Only long-term ownership of excellent companies will make us