Is it possible to invest at all without money?

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

Today, in the correspondence with an old friend, she expressed regret that he could not start investing right now, because right now she has «Well, there is absolutely no money.»

And I just advertised all the advantages of Iis (which I myself do not use myself, everything will not reach my hand — shame of my laziness, do not take an example from me)))

Well, I thought, straining all my cunning legal and financial brains … Well, is it really such a little thing as a lack of money can stop such a big and important process as the birth of a new investor? Yes nivzhisat)))

Little certificate — for those who are not in the subject — what kind of beast is such an IIS. Individual investment account. This is a special kind of brokerage account. You can not only buy and sell securities, but also to receive tax breaks — return 13% of your investments. It is permitted to 400 thousand rubles per year on it. That is, the maximum benefit that can be obtained from the state — 52 thousand rubles. (I’m talking very simplistic — for the purposes of this article. The author is aware that there is an IIS type A and IIS type B. Author lawyer, if anyone forgot))) In my opinion — these details are not needed by readers now, and to whom it is interesting — those on their own go «Types of IIS»)

And that’s what my plan I turned out — I ask readers to chite it well, because if in other articles I write about personal experience and personal finance, then here I am trying to enter the «skin» of another person and write about IIS, which has not yet used myself .

At the same time, it seems to me if this plan is working — it can be applied by very many people.


The plan of the national enrichment named after Tsar Midasa.

Our introductory data.

Our novice investor earns more than 400 thousand rubles for a year. (Note — the scheme works and for smaller salary sums, but the arithmetic will be a bit different. Calculate yourself.)

He needs to put 400 thousand rubles for IIS until the end of the year and now very favorable time. Since there by years there is a «test» and if a person has time to put 400 thousand before the new year, then 52 thousand from the state he will already receive in spring (like you in 2020 invested, and 2021 — in the spring — will receive a tax deduction). Is it not the name of the heart? ))) a?

But there is an important nuance! Which should be remembered by all using this scheme:


Step 1. Get a loan — disadvantageous consumer for 400 thousand.

Step 2. Open iis

Step 3.

Step 4. Buy on Iis Bonds companies Russian shoes

Step 5. In April 2021 submit documents for a compensation of 52 thousand rubles

Routine steps


Credit — flow of 10% percent.

The yield on IIS is 13% of the state + 10% of Russia’s shoes.

For the year of expenses 10% per 400 thousand = 40 thousand loan payment loss

For the year of revenue 23% by 400 thousand = 92 thousand Earnings on IIS.


This is a scheme «for the smallest» — just to start investing to feel the taste of money, appetite for profits and find out the road to the stock market.

Then you will like it, you yourself will not notice how you get involved, you will begin to buy stocks, we will become co-owners of the best enterprises in Russia and the world and with time — real millionaires))