Investments are for adults, and not for the rich.

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«The path of ten thousand lee begins from the first step»

(c) Lao Tzu

There is such a phenomenon in the human psyche — well-described by experts — people tend to exaggerate their capabilities on short time segments and poorly underestimated on long.

Roughly speaking, the student is confident that it will easily learn Chinese for the night before the exam, but putting up a thousand rubles a week to accumulate fifty thousand a year later — absolutely not hoping. Although in the first case — to learn the language per night is the perfect utopia, and in the second — dry and reliable mathematics.

And this is not a phenomenon of a young and naive student — it is the universal feature of the psyche. We tend to disbelieve any plans that are somewhere «there» — beyond the horizon of our direct vision, and the horizon of our vision, usually, extends only at the very near future.

Here is a recent article about

Guys, 10 million rubles (or a little less) a huge number of people in the country paid a mortgage. Or pays. That is, it recognized it difficult, but the accurate task. But in the case of mortgage, interest prevent you from paying the amount. In the case of accumulation — interest will work for you and help you collect money.

Move on.

People forget that

So, for many years, this task is solved for the overwhelming majority of ordinary Russians. Yes, not for everyone — for living beyond poverty — it is impossible. But with the average salary and medium income on the family multiplied by financial literacy and the years of intelligent investment — quite. There is enough bold statement, but I will try to justify it.

Let’s start with what. Actually, why am I writing about the fact that «

The securities market is a place where you can save and multiply your money. If you are already rich, then it is quite possible that you just have an investment to you — you can add your money «in a bunch» — at least at the deposit, even in a bank cell and calmly, carelessly spend them with pleasure. If you have a lot of money — they still do not end.

But if you are a normal person with limited resources, but an adult man is that there is a responsible for himself, and even for his family — for his minor children, or for his elderly parents, or for his cat or for someone, You will have to think how to get out of these limited resources. And here you have a securities market — investments are very necessary.

At the same time, many are justified by the fact that it is not rich enough to make investments — as you read above, it is just rich that you can invest and do not do.

And about «not rich enough» — let’s see counting.

If we take a calculator of a complex percentage and put this kind of numbers there — let our Russian saves five thousand rubles per month. Engaged in investing thirty years. The yield will give it 10% (which is much lower than the historical yield of the Russian market, which was about 15% for the last 20 years). So, with such indicators — 5 thousand per month under 10% yield and the effect of a complex interest — our Russian receives 11 million rubles in 30 years.

In my opinion — an example is quite extreme and ultra-low level of savings, and at an ultra-low level of profitability. He led him to one goal — to show that even a person who will save five thousand rubles per month, instead of lowering his hands and declare that his situation is hopeless, sooner or later will be the owner of good capital.

Honor and praise to such a person. Because it is an adult man. Understanding that «no one will give us a deliverance — neither God nor the king and a hero.»

This is an adult position — to achieve everything in life with her work and his mind, and not wait for wonders and servants. Or even more so — do not plan, how to take away everything from a rich neighbor. More infantile thinking is impossible to imagine, especially in our country, where all this was held so recently and know how sad it all ends.

I see on the reports that my audience is mostly adults for thirty and forty. We all have already gained a certain life experience and most are responsible for the family.

It seems to me that the only way to improve the life of your family in the long run is to work not only for current consumption, but also on investments — for the future wealth that will force the family at a difficult moment and create a long-term basis for the prosperity of future generations.

Therefore, no matter how difficult it is and is difficult now, it is necessary to seek funds for investing in the long term.

Investments begin not because you have formed an excess of money — I am because I am writing in the title of the article that investing is not for the rich. Investments begin because you will be called the mind to understand — this is your only way to raise the family to a new level of welfare and stability.

Investments begin when you understand that for you and your family need financial support is a serious and long-term. Ideally, you will create the foundation of the capital, on which the future generations of your clan will be discharged by the following floors. How did Rothschilds and Dupons and many other non-promoted names belonging to the «old money». Let the scale be smaller than the Rothschilds — but your children will definitely tell you thanks if they do not have to start at all from scratch.

Let not for children and future generations — if you are able to lay the foundation of the well-being at least for yourself — you already move the deal from the dead point. You will not be waiting for poor old age as other infantile-carefree comrades. Therefore, I am writing that investing is for adults. For those who realized how the financial world works, as life arranged, and that only he himself is responsible for himself.

But an adult person should not scare — he has hands and legs, there is a head on his shoulders. He is able to take care of himself. And about your family. He is not a disabled person and not a baby to count on the «Nyanka State». And he is a smart enough to take care of his old age now, when he is young and full of strength, and do not be like a dragonfly string, which «Summer Red Obtained»))

I’m sorry for the generation of our parents — the capitalism fell on them, as the snow on his head — suddenly. But we all happen in our eyes to decades.

In twenty years, our peers who did not make investments, receiving a retirement pension (if they still pay it at all) can they seriously say that they «calculated» for something more ??? Why would you suddenly? What made them believe in a happy old age on the state pension ??? )))

Yes, today it can be difficult to reduce the ends meet. But almost always there is such an amount that can be postponed and not to feel its absence in the budget.

In a good book, the «richest man in Babylon» speaks about investing 10 percent of earnings. It seems to me — this is the minimum that almost anyone can afford to afford.

At one time, such reflections of the Holy Fathers read that the church introduced its taxes precisely in the amount of «tithing», because the tithing is highly for a person psychologically, and a larger concern man may not want to give even God.

It is possible that psychologically really in the area (about ten percent) is the size of savings that a person can do without feeling the deterioration of the current standard of living.

The most interesting thing is that many people who started making savings, very quickly (from a historical point of view «quickly» — in a year, literally) — they discover that the most interesting effect, with the description of which the article began — invisible and small deductions, even in one year it is possible to accumulate The amount that in their eyes looks quite significant. But this is only simple savings and only one year — the magic of a complex interest has not yet begun, there were no dividends for stocks and similar pleasures.

And people begin to inspire the result obtained — they see that it is really possible to achieve something on a long section. And on a long period of time, this effect will receive excellent synergies with an increase in shares, dividends and a difficult percentage, which will give people additional inspiration to build capital.

Moreover, this inspiration often pushes people and earn more — when a person understands that he can (at least theoretically) enough money not only on simple reproduction, but also for some investments — then the desire to earn wakes up with doubled power. When the light is visible at the end of the tunnel, the person works more fun. I will give here a long quote about Henry. I really seemed to me in the topic of this article.

At the time of writing about Henry Text, the end of the 19th century was the end of the 19th century — and it seems that the situation does not change, if we do not want to leave our elderly parents on the care, do not understand someone, we will have to fasten your streaming suspenders and invest dollar-other in different businesses. God will give — with the same successful result as the old Jacoba — some of us will become