25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«Money can not buy happiness».

(c) folk wisdom

As for the ratio of money and happiness, Robert Kiyosaki expressed good idea. (he generally has many good thoughts on philosophical and motivational reasons — the main investment ideas to do not take to heart)))

So, Kiyosaki said that he visited his life and poor and rich. And he was brought to him and happy and unhappy. And he came to the conclusion that

Well, happiness in investments, following the folk wisdom we will not seek. But what about them can be found? For example, I found the most unexpected things in them. I have a hurry to share with your finders. Especially unexpected that I did not spend a penny from my investment, that is, everything I will write about today — these are such pleasant «bonuses» to investment.


What did the investment give me except for money?

Confidence in the future

Here is such a useful thing. In our turbulent time does not hurt anyone. I, as a lawyer, was especially difficult to find peace of mind. In lawyers, if anyone does not know — over the years there is a light paranoia as a professional disease. Not always easy, by the way)) and what to do? If twenty five years are you watching every day «where they throw us»?

And you live in such a world, where «Night is dark and full of horrors.» What remains to hope? Here the instruction is involuntarily remembered, which he gave Chichikov’s father to his son in the «Dead Souls» poem:

Mdaa … I knew a sense in the pedagogy of Padre Chichikov, knew. Yes, and in the economy with psychology, apparently, also understood well))

Interesting thing, by the way.

It seems to me that people are divided into those who are able to calm down «in principle.» And on those who never calm down. Do you remember the old and very beautiful cartoon «Golden Antelope»? There just above this wisdom philosophized the authors. So, as it was in the cartoon — I am «pretty». At least for peace of mind and lack of experience about tomorrow. And this is very expensive.

New Hobby — Investing

And still a hobby — to blog on investing))

Never in my life did not led the blog — and so on you — it really encouraged. And the most interesting thing is that it is incredibly carried away. It’s now, as a favorite sport — I worry if the audience falls and rejoice when new subscribers come. It’s funny, but I first check how many new subscribers on the channel, and not the status of the brokerage account. So the question of the superstructure and basis between investments and blog on investments is not so unequivocal.

Communication and new acquaintances

I am very impressed on the channel «club» atmosphere and, I hope, now it will also be in itself attracting new reasonable and cultural people to communicate. Perhaps, from a large «dive» in the material — I spend in answers to the comments on a couple of hours a day — but I have a complete sense of personal acquaintance with many permanent commentators. And forced to confess — I really like them))

The most interesting thing is the topic of investment helps to get closer not only on the network. Most recently (before the new year), the apartments and ice with buyers were sold (family pair) was very quickly broken when I began to tell them about the prospects for investments in IIS and how to make it profit just before the New Year. (Oh, they would know that the «shoemaker without boot» — and I did not open myself)))

Glory and international recognition

So, on the topic of glory — she collapsed on me.

Rustem Ishmakov (leads Zen channel Financegramm) the other day I took my interview with which you can find on its channel.

I have been signed on his channel for a long time — even before I was sent to the blogging, so I was pleased that my interview will be released on such a channel)) Rustem man is very interesting and extraordinary, in investment it has been many years old and channel Investment is not leading the first year. You can read more about it in articles on its channel. Personally, I completely challenged me with one detail — he wants to publish a book on financial literacy for children. It seems to me that this is in principle a very cool idea, and besides — I have been thinking about such a book for a long time))

It is necessary to think about the fact that the children flourish. Right since childhood cook them in