Investing is an excellent hobby.

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Tomorrow the long road falls the king,

He has a lot of money, and I love money

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I cook a big post on the topic «How a simple person to turn into an investor.» I studied that other people think about this. And that’s all as one believe that the first thing I need to put a goal in front of you to our future investor. And without goal, it is not necessary to invest.

This all smart people are so well known that no one even to prove the need for a goal of setting. Some writers are the most inconspicuous, like me, explain — «

I thought about it and gives me that these kind people confuse investments with accumulation. It is possible to accumulate to something, while visualizing your goal, definitely helps. And then, we note in brackets, the science is known numerous cases when people simply accumulate, and not «on the funeral» or «on the vacuum cleaner». So it turns out in some gifted personalities after all and without goal, it turns out. And what is there to talk about investment.


By the way about psychology — does the clear setting of the goal in investing help? Not always.

The purpose of the goal at all does not always contribute to the achievement of the result by a person

Remember Shrek? He popularly explained the donkey that there are layers at the orders. Not easy, oh, not simple was this green comradist — I deeply dug. Layers! After all, they have. Consciousness. And under it — the subconscious.

Think that you can manage yourself as clearly and definitely how you tax your car — this is the greatest delusion. A more faithful picture of how «you» is that your consciousness is controlled by yourself — that is, with his personality — there will be a comparison with the state (well, or to me, as a lawyer, such a comparison seems the most simple and understandable).

For example, you decided to lose weight. How does this perceive your body? Your personality? Approximately, as in our country, it perceive the increase in retirement age and cutting wages to state employees. How did you think? The body does not understand what the brain has been inopened there, and where is it «there at the top» suddenly decided that this fat is extra. Your body («state employees») for this fat «is at all accustomed» and to part with him very hard. And do you think he will be silent? SHAZZZ. There will be riots (the head will be sick) and strikes (lethargy in the whole body, you will think badly). You will need a riot police on the fight against the rebels (your willpower is dopamine). But your dopamine is not infinite. That is why losing weight in the form of diets always end with losses — because it is a dead end. As a long time ago, it is known «on the bayonets can be relying, but it is impossible to stop on the bayonets.» If a person does not turn the head

What was this long retreat? The insightful reader is already guessed — everything is also with investments. If there is an investment for you — this is a painful process of «breaking» from the heart and from the budget of money that you would like to spend on something that you like, then sooner or later (rather early hormones rule the world, and they usually defeat the quick victory ) You plun on this dreary business and lower all savings for a fun holiday.

And what kind of «goal» should in our investor’s head try to successfully compete with the picture of a fun vacation, and «right now» ??? A vague Mirage of secured old age, to which you can and do not live? The subconsciousness is not impression ((

It is still engaged when the investor is offered the «purpose» of investments to put the purchase of an apartment or something like that. This is really the same «from the gun on the sparrows.» You just imagine: a person in our country, overcoming all fears and prejudices, began to invest, has done a huge way, created capital, which is equal to the cost of an apartment or at home … and instead of continuing investing and developing his success is offered to «shoot Himself in the leg «- to deprive yourself of capital, close the topic of investment and go from the market.

I’m wondering — one who seriously writes and offers such things — is it really he hates the topic of investment ??? Is it really nice to leave for him and it would be possible to leave the market and never to dive with this campaign atmosphere: do not investigate issuers, do not follow the news, do not worry about «their» companies? Why does he write on the topic of investment? Well, I would write about sports that if, or about the televisions, once in his opinion the investment, this is something like in the army served — I was able to go home as needed and went home.

In my opinion, like any other business, the person is engaged in the investment, when he works willingly, not from under the stick. And so that it is so, it is desirable that investment is not like accumulation, with a narrow and ultimate goal, but a lifelong hobby, how desirable to see the same head.

So in fact, a strange thing — ask any person suddenly and in the forehead «Do you like money?» Most likely he is shy and able to answer — «yes.» And shone plump — it turns out that only numismatists love money, and all the rest most often like what you can buy for this money))

Well, why should I believe that people love money if they (in their mass) these money: do not know how to earn (and do not want to learn to earn them); absolutely not able to save and save (and do not want to learn to save and save); At all, they do not know how to invest (read — to increase) and learn to invest them either do not want. Well, how do you believe that people love money? Lie, definitely lying)))

But the money is worth loved. Money in the modern world is magical energy (you know how in computer games — «mana»). With this magic energy you can make miracles. And every year more and more miracles. If you have this magical energy enough — you can build a palace for your beloved girl’s fairy tales. And you can, as in the fairy tale «12 months,» turn the winter in the summer (well, if the border pandemic did not closed, of course))) And you can cure terrible ailments. And you can fly into space (again — only the end of the pandemic should be waited))) And you can immerse yourself on the bottom of the ocean.

Without taking even this «magic» function — I like the security that they add. Having a stock of money is somehow easier breathing and more confidently looking into the future.

Hmmm … maybe if irrepressible people certainly need some «

And this joy from the presence of money is, in my opinion, and there is love for money. Now, if the investor will look at the investment, as part of a part of a normal lifestyle, and ideally, like a hobby — it seems to me a harmonious attitude towards money and investment. In order for the availability of investments was the same normal for a person, as the presence of toothpaste in the bathroom. And the absence of them seemed as strange and uncomfortable.

For me, investment is a hobby. But the hobby is not in some light and frivolous sense, but such a deep and comprehensive hobby, passion and huge hobby, as collecting painting for Tretyakov.

I am not only interested to read about the companies and view their statements — I am pleased with them to «own.» I carefully look at dozens of photos of each company that lies in the portfolio. Yes Yes. Not only reporting — photos too. It is also possible to be simply initiated by which NKNX is a huge or some NCTP romantic. After all, this is my good. The biggest aesthetic kayf was from the ownership of RusHydro’s shares))) they themselves know what kind of cool — they have a huge album with the photo right on the site, which is called «the most beautiful energy.» Eeeeh … how many excellent I sold when I purchased ZPIF FPR))) scary to remember))

Actually, when I started inserting into securities I planned to receive additional income from the market. But so far, for more than a year of your practical work on the market, I only imagine money on the expense — this is too fascinating business and constantly want to buy something))) There was a terrible-loss of additional income I received a hobby))) which now I claim all my free money))) I’m afraid I have no reason to compare myself with the Tretyakov. It will be very difficult to try to pick up money from the deposit — there are still so many papers on the market. And who knows which exactly you will do