Investing in gold.

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«Gold will buy four wives,

The horse does not have the price «

(c) M.Yu. Lermontov

In the article

As I have repeatedly confessed — I’m paranoid. This is a consequence of professional deformation. And how not to become a paranoid person, who is 25 years at work for 12 hours a day, is engaged in having a wary looking «where we throw us?» Most lawyers due to professional deformation are very difficult to be entrepreneurs — we only see the risks where the entrepreneur sees the opportunity.

And of course a person with such a «exhausted Narzan» nervous system is gold — reliable, eternal and unchanged — should have attracted its unshakable as an object for investment.

When I started dive into this topic, a lot was shocked in the history of gold, as a payment agent. Many later, the great guru of investment, already somehow mentioned in the article

So what was shocked in the constancy of gold? But what.

Salary and gold prices do not change from ancient times. Naturally, with a decent degree of approximation, but for temporary intervals of hundreds (and for other examples and thousands), it is truly striking.

Judge for yourself. Take the times of the «Dopinal» flourishing of the Russian economy, when at least a few years there was something similar to the stability of prices and wages. And what do we see?

In 2012, Gold Coins of Georgy Victorious Steel cost in the area of 13-14 thousand rubles. This is standard for the free goal of gold as a payment agent a quarter of a gold coin. (Approximately such as, for example, «Guinea», which is mentioned by the beloved by all Sherlock Holmes in his adventures).

My high salary on the standards of Moscow in the translation to gold would be about 500 coins per year. Or about 40 coins per month. The usual, good salary in Moscow at that time — about 60 thousand rubles per month. That is, in the area of 4-5 coins per month or 48-60 per year. Above is already high (even by the standards of Moscow) salary).

Let’s look at the literature — in the same Britain, the times of Sherlock Holmes hire the manager for a farm for 100 pounds per year is a salary above average, but also a specialist above average. Watch how the salary of the manager for 1000 kilometers and for 150 years from us suspiciously similar to our days? Is nothing really changed in gold? Check more?

The pension of Watson is a well-deserved combat officer who has received disability in colonies — 210 pounds per year (there was a counting on the Internet). The army in Britain was traditionally small and elitar — quite a decent pension, in my opinion, God forbid and today and our and British military retirees to receive such (by the way, if on 2020 he 8 million rubles a year old Vatson could today with Holmes in the fireplace «Sourge» — not bad, but this is the grimaces of our devalts)))

And about the goods even more funny observation. I buy in 2014 the car. A good, at that time expensive was considered — 2.2 million (by the way, hello of devaluation — today it is already fiscal))). 150 coins approximately. And what do we see, reading «three musketeers»? A good horse is 100-200 gold. Guys are no longer 150 years old — it passed 400 years. And prices are standing like inserted. Russia, France, — no difference. Gold is stability.

There are completely terminal examples — a good suit costs about 6 coins. Here are some connoisseurs of Roman realities that approximately the same amount of gold cost good Toga at the time of the emperor of August. But this is certainly the doctors)))

Now, when we met with an attractive stability of gold, it would be nice to understand how you can invest in it? And here, many not silent in the subject they write such a nonsense that the sword takes. Even the great and respected by me (without irony I write dear) Oleg Klochenok on this Niva distinguished himself — mentioning the procurement of physical gold in vain wrote about «cheap wedding rings» … a hand-face … What is this kindergarten, preparatory group ??? What kind of kustachshchina? In which age and in which country do we live in?

Truly, how the Muller said correctly in the «Seventeen Moments of Spring»

So, dear beginners «Gold Beetles» (so disapprovingly called investors in gold, those who consider the yellow metal remnant of the past), listen and outline)))

IMPORTANT!!! Much, but not everything that will be further written, applies to other precious metals in whole or in part. I will write only «Gold» everywhere, but my insightful readers will contemplate that it may be silver, and platinum, and palladium. At the same time, not all items relate to all metals. For example, when I write about investment coins — there are silver coins, and platinum is not. But as regards the OMS — there are no problems to open it in almost any metal. In general, I believe in the wisdom of readers)) Listing the advantages of each investment method, I have not written «no VAT» anywhere, since in all recommended by me, there are no VAT investment types. And those who buy ingots and then complain about VAT … Well, it would be better for the lack of brains complained, honestly)))

The right investments in gold are three species:

Each type of investment has its advantages and disadvantages that individually accepts or receive an investor.

In Russia B.

So without options — investment coins. For beginners going to buy investment coins and fearful, that he is waging a fake, there is very good news from a lawyer —

To fake a gold coin will have to spend how much real gold, apply complex technologies and eventually get fake money (because Investment coin is the official money of the Russian Federation). An article for such trials is very «heavy» — counterfeitness. The term is huge. The state does not like when someone besides him draws money)) It turns out — the criminal from the point of view of the prosecutor is engaged in drawing money. But it makes it using including real gold. So far, no such stupid criminal has been found. Everyone prefer to release fake money, then go a laugant — draw them on paper))

Someone would still write in the comments about «rusting» George Victorious. No, it’s not true, it is not a rust. Flip on coins from not very pure press on the mint. From the point of view of gold content in a coin — all the examinations of chemists show that the content always corresponds to the nominal or even higher.

Spreads when buying and selling — I do not advise you to buy in banks and even more so sell there. In addition to cases when you are torn off from the foci of civilization. There are large, tested mint dealers, you can easily find their advertising on the Internet. Given the zero risk of fakes — I advise you to work with them.



«Paper Gold» … Horror … Sublimation … Even on the hearing is unpleasant. From the same section as non-alcoholic beer)))

The simplest investment in «Paper Gold» —



ETF on gold — If you are already working on the stock exchange, a good purchase option for paper gold is a stock exchange fund. On the Moscow Exchange is FXGD. As far as I know — so far only one. However — he is not bad))



We argue about cat Matroskin: Why do we need to spend on milk? Let’s buy a cow directly))

If we believe in the global perspective of the yellow metal and are ready to invest in the years — then it is more logical to invest money in a coin, but a gold miner. (This is now so smart, where would this article 12 years ago read this article)))

After all, an enterprise, which continuously mines a resource from under the ground, which all the time is becoming more expensive — such an enterprise is simply obliged to rich. Well, his shareholders with him. And since you wanted to buy gold — then you think this metal will rise in price. So buy immediately the shares of the gold miner, do not slam your ears)))

How exactly buying the shares of gold miners to teach anyone, I hope? ))) I see, I see, all the experienced shoppers of shares))) so right to the conclusions



TOTAL. Gold symbolized the wealth of many generations. The rate on it was justified since the times of Pharaoh, I think it can make a real millionaire in our time))