«Invest only in dollars» — is it so smart this idea?

25 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

Not once, and not two saw the opinion beautifully arguing about the investments of «experts», which is necessary only in dollars. They lead a lot of arguments in favor of their logic, some of them at first glance sound quite logical:

The ruble is constantly depreciated. And it does it with an unpredictable pace, jerks.

The dollar is the global reserve currency, it is stable by definition.

Investing in dollars you add to earnings on the growth rate of shares also earnings from the growth of the dollar rate to the ruble.

All this, of course, so, but when we are talking about investments in stocks, this logic becomes completely erroneous. Let’s look at it more.

When you insert in stock, then you are investing not «in rubles» and not «in dollars». You invest in any company in her business. Your money is not on the deposit in the bank, your money «turned» into a share in business. And now it is not so important which zone is the business that you bought — in the ruble, dollar or Tugrykikov.

Moreover, with the right choice of an investment object, you can greatly receive additional benefits in dollars from what was not in the dollar zone. How can this be? Let’s look at the example.

You bought a business share in a wild African country. The business in which you bought a share is a gold mine. And the currency that walks in this country — shells (which, notice between the case, is even somewhat worse than «wooden» rubles).

And what? Is it bad to be a shareholder of a company that produces gold bars and sells them for export, getting freely convertible currency, and the workers pay a salary of seashells? Is that in this African country a currency — shells, your golden mine began to earn less currency, selling gold for export? On the contrary, income in dollars, costs in shells — the dream of bourgeois)))

This is how it happens with a huge number of Russian enterprises supplying their products to export — they (more precisely their shareholders) benefit from the devaluation of the ruble. Previously, the plant, conventionally speaking, sold a thousand tons of steel per million dollars. Workers paid three and a half million rubles — and (at the rate of 35 rubles for $ 1), it was one hundred thousand dollars — 10% of the factory revenue. And now grace. At the rate of 70 rubles for $ 1. In order to pay the works of the same three and a half million rubles, you need to spend only fifty thousand dollars. This is only 5% of the factory revenue. Shareholders are delighted.

So, we see that if you are inserted into the exporter’s company, then your currency risks are miraculously insured. If we talk about the Russian stock market — then these are very many companies: all petroleum and Rosneft, LUKOIL, TATNEFT, Surgutneftegaz, Gazpromneft), all metallurgists (Norilsk, NLMK, Severstal, MMK), Gazprom-Batyushka, PhosAgro. Much gained companies in the ruble zone, the investments in which will perfectly protect you from the devaluation of the ruble. And will help you with time become real millionaires))