«Invest only in dollars» do not confuse the share with the deposit!

24 сентября, 2021 от fake Выкл

«And you do not confuse your personal wool with state!»

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Little word is in the heart of a Russian, such a living response as a native and close name «Dollar». Clear thing is not good. For more than thirty years, this monetary unit has helped a simple person to keep his blood earned money. Since the beginning of the nineties, the magical phrase «Salary in dollars» music was heard in the ears of the job seeker, and, and because it is characteristic — even the size of this salary is not yet named — but it sounds already appetizing))

Thirty years, it was in dollars that could be removed from the ubiquitous inflation, to maintain their savings, to build some distant financial plans. The dollar has become for our compatriot a symbol of reliability, the incarnation of stability, a guarantee of prosperity.

And it seems such persistent associations of the dollar with «reasonable, kind and eternal» began to generate a very religious cult of the dollar in the rapid minds of some comrades. The dollar began to attribute the properties to him unusual. For example, to disseminate its financial «grace» for shares nominated in dollars.

Effective in the investors’ environment Babushkino Believement, that allegedly to invest in stocks nominated in dollars, this automatically improves the results of investment (during the ruble devaluation) compared with the shares nominated in rubles. Today we are on a strictly scientific basis to expose this malicious rumor and drive harmful prejudice from the daily lives of advanced investors.

What is wrong with the idea of «investing only in dollars»? Yes, the root itself is idea. Invest not «in dollars» and not «in rubles» — this is not a deposit in the bank, which you do in some currency. Invest you

I will give the easiest example, after which, in principle, it would be possible and not to continue the article — Shares of Amazon traded in New York for dollars, and in Moscow for rubles. Based on the logic «I investivate only in dollars» — it is necessary to purchase these shares only in New York, because then you are guaranteed a profit at the devaluation of the ruble, and purchasing these shares in Moscow — you are in the span)) well, is it logical ??? No? Fans of «investment only in dollars» do not reason? )) Everything seems to be «logic»))

Okay, we turn to more complex examples.

Some time ago, an article was already posted on this channel.


In fact, in order to win from the devaluation of the ruble, the company does not necessarily be located outside the ruble zone.


If you notice is a description of almost any exporting company.

Exporters benefit from the devaluation of the ruble and on the growth of their shares this dealtation will affect the most beneficial manner.

Since the ideas of «investing only in dollars» are so much so much that I had to do a second article on the comments to do (as I previously wrote «a letter I called on the road»))) I will submit a short summary — for the consideration of understanding.

Well, summing up, because they say that no one has become a millionaire, using only bank deposits — we must not confuse them with shares, so that it does not prevent us from becoming